Cat attack puts woman in hospital

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By Patrick Yost editor

A December 5 cat attack at a Tuell Court residence sent a woman to the Morgan Memorial Hospital where she received medical care for injures to her left eye, head, arms, upper chest and left hand, including receiving seven staples to seal a wound to her head. According to Madison Police Department reports, the woman said the Maine–Coon breed of cat, one of the largest domestic breeds in the United States according to a Wikipedia post, attacked her as she was attempting to provide care for the cat. The woman said she was tending to the cat for the owner when the cat attacked “without warning.” Madison Animal Control Officer Cindy Weimann said the cat had a litter of kittens and was likely frightened by the woman. Weimann said there are no vicious cat laws or ordinances in Georgia or in the city of Madison and that the cat, who has shown no previous aggressive tendencies, is currently on a 10 day quarantine at the Tuell Court residence. “The cat has kittens and for whatever reason she felt threatened for her kittens,” Weimann said.

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