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On December 28 a harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Mallard Ridge Road residence after a woman said that the girlfriend of her ex brother-in-law had been calling her house a minimum of two to three times a day and either screams obscenities or leaves messages of silence. The woman said she recently moved to Morgan County from Social Circle in an attempt to distance herself and her children from the woman but the woman continues to allegedly harass. The complainant said while she lived in Social Circle the woman left steak knives in her front yard and used to drive by her house and yell obscenities.

On December 7 a domestic dispute complaint was filed at an East Main Street, Rutledge, residence after a man reported that when he came home from church he observed that a woman at the residence had thrown some of his belongings onto the front yard. The woman said the argument began when she heard the man talking in the bedroom and she inquired if he was “talking to her.” At that point, she said, the man became belligerent and cursed at her before leaving to go to church.

On December 7 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Dixie Highway location after a woman reported that a man told her he was going to her deceased brother’s property to release balloons in memory of the brother. The woman said the man also texted her and told her not to drive a tractor because he had allegedly found metal shavings in the oil and that he would take a crane to the property to remove the tractor. The woman said the man does not have permission to enter the property.

On December 6 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Parks Mill Road location after a man reported that after a company towed his totaled wrecked 1995 Ford Mustang to his house, he noticed that the vehicle had suffered more damage and that a radio and a distributor cap had been stolen.

On December 5 a property damage report was filed at an Apalachee River Road location after a woman reported that two horses came to her residence and consumed a trash can and a half of feed and a bale of hay. The woman said the top to the the trash can was damaged during the incident.

On December 5 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Confederate Road location after a woman alleged that she awoke to a man standing in her bedroom. She said she told the man, who had lived at the residence prior but has not lived there for a month, to leave and as the man did so he allegedly kicked a remote control car. Three hours later, at 12:18 p.m., a deputy was called back to the residence because the man had returned. The deputy noted that the man had flowers for the complainant. The man was told, again, to leave the residence by the woman. A deputy allowed the man to get some personal items and then the man was issued a criminal trespass warning.

On December 5 an animal complaint was filed at a Mallard Ridge Road residence after a man said two dogs got into his goat pen and killed four of his goats. The man said after he heard the dogs barking he walked outside and saw a brown Pit Bull and a yellow Lab in his goat pen. The man said he yelled and the Lab fled the pen and ran into the woods but the Pit Bull had its mouth on a goat’s neck and kept the bite on the goat. The man said he observed three goats dead at that time and he went back into his house, retrieved a shotgun and returned and the Pit Bull still was biting a goat on the neck. The man said he shot the dog and knocked it to the ground. The deputy said when he arrived he observed four dead goats and a dead Pit Bull in the pen. The goat owner said the dogs belonged to a neighbor. The deputy contacted the neighbor who identified the dead Pit Bull through a picture the deputy had taken as belonging to her mother. There was also a yellow Lab running in the neighbor’s yard that the complainant identified as the lab that was in his goat pen. The complainant said the four goats are valued at $400.

On December 5 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Greensboro Road residence after a man said someone entered his property and removed a $2,500 54” cut Husqvarna lawn mower and a black 5×8 Canon utility trailer valued at $800.

On December 4 a burglary complaint was filed at a Beaverdam Road location after a man said that someone had broken a side door glass and entered the residence and removed two television sets, an Xbox 360, jewelry, several pairs of shoes and $5,025 in ca

On December 4 Maricus Kemonta Kendrick, 17, Madison was arrested and charged with burglary and theft by taking after he allegedly took a Ford Ranger pickup truck from a neighbor and then crashed the truck in a ditch off Tamplin Road. The neighbor said he suspected Kendrick because Kendrick informed him that his truck was in the ditch. The deputy said while he was working the wreck, sans a driver, Kendrick walked up and said that as has he was checking the mail he noticed the truck in the ditch. The deputy pressed Kendrick as to whether or not he had been driving the truck, in part because the deputy observed shards of glass in Kendrick’s hair, but Kendrick denied participation. He later, reports state, said he took the truck because he was bored and lost control of the vehicle while driving it on Tamplin Road.

On December 4 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Old Buckhead Road location after a two men said that someone had taken two lap top computers, an Xbox 360 game console and a Playstation 2 game console. The men said they suspect a woman who has lived at the residence on a temporary basis for the past six weeks. They said when they mentioned the stolen electronics to the woman she “acted strange” and then left the residence immediately.

On December 4 a battery complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway, Rutledge, location after a man said that when his girlfriend located a pair of woman’s panties in his closet she allegedly became angry and began to argue with him. The man said to resolve the argument he went on the front porch and drank a beer and then drove to Covington. The man said when he returned he laid on the couch and the woman began slamming doors upstairs. The man said another argument ensued and he threw a Coke at the woman, the woman hit him on the left side of the head and then he threw and struck the woman with a full can of beer. The woman said she was cleaning the house and decided to throw a few of the man’s “things” away and the man became angry and engaged in the argument. She said during the argument the man took her cell phone and threw it across the room. The woman called her sister-in-law to come get her but the sister-in-law never arrived so the man agreed to go and stay with his son for the evening.

On December 2 a civil issue complaint was filed at a Clack Road location after a man said someone had taken $500 worth of ammunition that had been given to him by his father. The man said he and his wife stayed in opposite ends of the residence because of marital difficulties but that things in the marriage had improved until his wife’s son was released from jail and moved back in with them. The complainant said that on November 25 he left the house at 7 a.m. in the couple’s vehicle and received a phone call from his wife demanding that he return the vehicle or he would lose his father’s ammunition. The man said he returned with the vehicle at 2 p.m. and then two days later noticed that 1,320 rounds of 7.62×39 SK ammunition and six boxes of 16 gauge shotgun shells were missing.

On December 1 Jamario Demontarious Hall, 20, Union Point was arrested and charged with driving without a valid driver’s license and possession of marijuana after he was stopped for a traffic violation on Greensboro Highway. Consequent to the stop and his arrest for driving with no license, a city of Madison police officer allegedly located a purple bag that contained five small plastic bags of suspected marijuana under the back seat of the patrol car that had been used to transport Hall.

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