Drinking coffee is a picker-upper

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Several ladies told me about the Beacon Heights Christmas program. They had a live baby in the program. It was the Mealor baby. It is reported to have been a beautiful service. They enjoyed refreshments following the program. Edna Smith has a painful place on her leg. At her church she bumped her leg on a trailer hitch. A place got really big and busted. I can sympathize with that. I did the same thing one time. Talking about hurting – it was terrible. Tommy and Judy Lawrence came to see us on Sunday. They are good to come often. Christie White celebrated her birthday in New York with friends. She came to Athens to celebrate with her grandmother and mother. Her birthday was December 13. Happy birthday to you Christie! Jo Ann Bryant is home after being in rehab. Her family visited her on Sunday for lunch. While she was in rehab she had a birthday on November 29. Her family celebrated with her there. Happy belated birthday Jo Ann! Jennifer Doran told me about her young daughter Sara. She is one and a half years old. She sounds like a cutie. I know that Jo Ann enjoys seeing her two grandchildren. Kim’s son Colton is 10 years old. Jennifer Doran has a birthday on December 24. Have a happy birthday Jennifer. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel had their Christmas program last Sunday. They had a fellowship lunch after church. Peggy Allen who owns the rodeo barn in the back of us on Reid’s Ferry Road came to see us Monday afternoon. She brought us a yummy looking pecan pie. We may save it until Christmas. But then we may not be able to be good and eat it now. Anyway, she has just returned from a trip with Angela Barnes and her two children and Gwen Barnes to Gordonsville, Virginia to a time-share cabin. Her husband drove them up there on the 10-hour drive. She enjoyed the trip. I read the December 2014 issue of Consumer Reports on Health that I subscribe to. I was interested in a column about coffee. They followed a group of people. They found that some coffee might lengthen their life if they drank one or two cups of coffee. It has antioxidants that are helpful to your body. But some in the group ate red meat, didn’t exercise enough and have other life threatening issues. Most of all they might have smoked. Even then despite all of that the coffee was helpful. They were followed for 10 years. They said that drinking coffee is a picker-upper. There were 50,000 women that were followed for 10 years. It was observed that they were 20 percent less likely to develop depression than those that did. They said that those that drank two to four cups each day were half as likely to attempt suicide. It helps boost the “feel good” hormones like dopamine. A professor at the University of Scranton says that coffee also helps to provide acrylamide. It is being tested to see if it has a link to cancer. A group of 120,000 men and women were 11 percent less likely to have type 2 diabetes if hey increased their habit by one cup a day. But those that decreased drinking by 17 percent were likely to develop the disease. But forget the doughnut because the sugar will likely cancel any benefit. There is more to this that I will likely write about later. I thought that it was interesting. My husband drinks several cups a day. I suppose that is good. I must be doomed. I do not drink coffee at all. I use to drink two cups a day.

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