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On December 13 Freddie Lee Rhodes, 61, Union Point was arrested and charged with shoplifting after he attempted to take a Bud Ice from Wal Mart, Eatonton Road, without paying for the beer. According to reports, an employee allegedly observed Rhodes place the beer in his pants and attempt to walk out of the store. He was detained. In his written statement regarding the incident, reports state, Rhodes admitted to attempting to take the beverage. “I just wanted a beer,” he wrote.

On December 13 a larceny from building complaint was filed at a Sulgrave Drive apartment complex after a man said that he and a woman and another man were visiting a woman at her apartment. The man said all parties drank alcohol. The man said he fell asleep and when he woke up the next morning he noticed that someone had taken his wallet, which contained $40. A woman at the apartment stated that she observed one of the men with the complainant’s wallet that evening. The wallet was found, without the $40, in a dumpster in the apartment complex.

On December 13 a larceny from building complaint was filed at the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road, after a woman said that someone had taken a 32” Vizio flat screen television from one of the rooms. The woman said a couple renting the room had taken the television before checking out. According to the motel’s register, the man renting the room identified himself as “Charlie J” on the register. No driver’s license information or vehicle information was obtained. The woman told other motel occupants that her name was “Snowflake” and that she and the man would be traveling to South Carolina.

On December 8 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Sulgrave Drive residence after a woman alleged that a man had slashed the tires of her 1986 Toyota Camry. An officer noted that two tires appeared to be flat but there was no noticeable damage to the sidewalls of the tire. The officer said it appeared the air had been let out of tires. However, when the woman pumped the tires, a noticeable hole was located in both sidewalls.

On December 2 a larceny from auto complaint was filed at a New Post Road residence after a woman said someone had removed her purse from her vehicle. The purse was green leather that contained prescription glasses valued at $375.

On November 26 a shoplifting complaint was filed at Ingles, Eatonton Road, after an employee reported that they had observed a man in an electronic shopping cart drive the cart from the store with a cart full of groceries without paying for the items. A second employee observed the man loading the groceries in a grey Toyota pickup truck and captured the truck’s license tag information before the truck left the parking lot.

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