Man flees bank after fraud attempt exposed

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By Patrick Yost editor

Alert bank officials were able to stop a man from cashing a $5,750 fraudulent check and the man, after a brief chase through downtown Madison, was arrested. According to Madison Police Department reports, Kenneth Bobby Burdette, 44, Dewey Rose, Ga., was arrested on Monday, December 8 after officers were called to United Bank, North Main Street regarding a man attempting to cash a check. Reports state that the man presented a check purportedly written by a United Bank customer based who resides in Milner. A United Bank employee noted that a telephone number attached to the account had recently been changed. The phone number was called and a woman, who purported to be the account holder, said she had issued the check to the man for the purchase of a Honda. A regional bank manager was contacted after doubts persisted and he stated that he knew the customer personally and he would call the woman. The woman was contacted and said she had not written a check for a car. Madison officers were called and arrived and the man fled from the bank, ran across North Main Street toward Second Street. An officer threatened to taze Burdette and Burdette stopped and dropped to his knees. Reports state that a fraudulent Florida driver’s license was secured at the bank that the man was using in an attempt to cash the check. Officers also said that the man said that a person was waiting in a vehicle for him and drove away when officers arrived. A small amount of marijuana was discovered in Burdettes pants when he was being processed at the Morgan County Detention Center.

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