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On December 14 an aggravated stalking complaint was filed at a Fears Road residence after a woman alleged that her ex-husband had left a package on her driveway. Reports state that the clear plastic package contained old clothes that the woman said belonged to her but she had left behind when she left her husband. The woman also said the man had repeatedly contacted her via her cell phone event though she had an active temporary restraining order against him.

On December 15 a harassing phone calls complaint was filed at a Sandy Creek Road residence after a woman reported that she had received three phone calls from a man who was attempting to sell her something. The woman said there was too much background noise for her to understand the man and at one point the man requested a sexual favor and the woman said “no thank you” and disconnected the phone.

On December 12 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road location after a woman reported that someone had taken her Hi-Point 9mm pistol and two jars of change and cold coins worth $120. The woman said her niece’s boyfriend had been at the house during the day while she was at work.

On December 14 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Big Sandy Creek residence after a woman said while she was at church someone had damaged a rear window to her residence in an apparent attempt to gain entry. The woman said entry had not been gained, however, and nothing appeared to have been stolen.

On December 13 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Arabian Way, Buckhead, location after a man reported that someone had taken a boat trailer. A deputy observed that an older model boat was sitting on the ground but that the trailer was missing.

On December 13 an informational report was filed at a Heidi Trail, Buckhead, location after a man requested an officer to come to the residence because he was going to confront his girlfriend regarding some things she had allegedly said about him. When the deputy arrived the man said his girlfriend had told people he had spent 30 minutes with her 15-year-old daughter behind closed doors. The man said this was not true. With the deputy, he opened the front door and the girlfriend and another woman came to the door. The man requested that the 15-year-old also come to the door but his girlfriend said she had instructed the girl to stay with other friends for the night so that she did not have to observe the confrontation. Reports state that the couple then argued about their relationship, specifically delving into allegations of infidelity and dishonesty. This discussion lasted approximately 25 minutes until a deputy advised that she was not there to mediate the relationship but was there to hear an accusation regarding the man and his girlfriend’s daughter. At that point the man said he had used the bathroom in the master bedroom and the daughter had knocked on the locked door to ask a question and then had left. The woman said she wasn’t accusing the man but it was “just something that was said to her” and she was inquiring as to what had happened while she was not home. The girlfriend said there was no issue with the man and the daughter and the deputy left. The deputy returned less than an hour later because the girlfriend reported that the man had cut power to part of the house. The man said after the deputy advised the couple to stay away from each for the evening, the woman had cut power to a downstairs bathroom so he cut power to her bedroom. The deputy asked the man to return the power to the room, in part because there are juveniles living in the house, and then checked the downstairs bathroom and noticed that a light bulb had blown. The deputy and the girlfriend fixed the blown bulb and reported to the man that there was now light in the bathroom. The deputy said that before she left the residence the man shut the power off to the woman’s bedroom again. She told the man to cease and desist and to turn the power back on. The girlfriend asked the deputy if she could tell the man to turn the flood lights off to save money but the deputy said she could not.

On December 11 Alejandr Fernandez, 33, Madison, was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking after he allegedly refused to leave the residence of a woman who has a restraining order against him. The woman said the man had requested a ride from the airport several days ago and she had given him a ride but that he would not leave her residence.

On December 11 a civil matter report was filed at the Morgan County Public Safety complex after a man reported that while he was incarcerated in the Morgan County Detention Center someone had taken money from his bank account. The man said he was incarcerated from July to November and when he was released he attempted to get money from the account but was told it had been closed because of insufficient funds. The man said he is the only person with access to the account.

On December 10 an animal noise complaint was filed at a Weaver Jones Road, Rutledge location after a woman said that since she moved into the house three weeks ago there has been a dog barking non-stop in the wooded area behind her house. The deputy noted that he could hear a dog barking in the wooded area behind the woman’s house the entire time he was at the residence.

On December 10 a fraud complaint was filed at a Barrows Grove Road, Buckhead residence after a man reported that he received two different notices, one from a “record transfer service” and the second from a “local record offices” that requested that the complainant pay money to receive a “grant deed and property assessment profile,” information that is available at the Morgan County Courthouse. A deputy attempted to do research on the companies but found them to be “erroneous.”

On December 8 a cruelty toward animals complaint was filed at a Mallard Ridge Road residence after a woman reported that sometime between 7:50 a.m. and 6 p.m. someone entered her property and shot her Chihuahua dog in the head, killing the dog. The woman said when she returned home from work she found the dog in the back yard with a gunshot wound to the back of its head.

On December 10 a fraud complaint was filed at a Athens Highway residence after a man reported that a man with a heavy accent had called the house and alleged that he was an IRS agent and that the man’s wife owed back taxes and was trying to defraud the government. In the presence of the deputy the complainant returned the call and the deputy said he attempted to speak with the man but because of the man’s heavy accent he could not understand what the man was saying. The deputy requested the man’s IRS employee number and the man then requested the deputy’s badge number. The deputy gave the man his badge number and the man stated that the deputy was not a police officer and hung up the phone.

On December 9 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at the Rock Spring Baptist Church, Sandy Creek Road, after a deacon at the church said someone had come onto church property and cut down and removed eight oak trees from behind the church.

On December 9 a harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Jackson Street residence after a man alleged that a pregnant 16-year-old girl was stating that she was in “love” with the complainant and that he was the father of her unborn child. The man said he has not ever had any dealings with the juvenile and does not want to be arrested on false accusations.

On December 9 Jason Ray Murray, 35, Buckhead was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly pushed a man who had dinner with his wife at in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel restaurant.

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