Parade for Pooches

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Jennifer Hendrix (and Dogs) with Team HendrixJennifer Hendrix, with Team Hendrix rides with her two dogs Mai Mai and Purdy in the Christmas Parade.


Cathy Best, Columnist

The city of If you missed it- you missed it. The annual Madison Holiday Parade rolled, marched, walked, danced, clopped, trotted and padded through town last Saturday afternoon. To be honest, I, along with my sister and father, missed the parade memo and just happened to be at the right place at the right time and figured it out. We tidied up loose shopping ends downtown, zigzagged our way around barriers, and eventually parked at United Bank, before the parade commenced down East Avenue. I have to tell you, I was impressed. All three of us were. I’m not sure what I expected but my expectations were well exceeded. The number, and variety, of entrants, willing to participate on a Saturday 11 days before Christmas, says a lot about what makes Madison special: family and community. Equally impressive was the city, as well as county, residents lining the parade route to ring in the holiday season. Like water towers calling to me on the horizon, I zoned in on the parade of pooches. Anybody with me on this? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’re thinking annual pet parade. A-dor-ably decked out in holiday attire, pets were out in full force, both on and off the route. It was a beautiful day to be outside and parade goers took advantage of the weather to bring along the family dog. We met an 18-pound, 9-week-old chocolate lab puppy, reminiscent of our Isabelle at that age. Cute doesn’t cover it. I’d break a commandment for that puppy. From our vantage point, we noted Fido French bulldogs and various other breeds and mixes riding shotgun in parade vehicles, all smiling Christmas card smiles as they leaned out the windows. Padding along the route, a pack of dachshund toe-tippers, and a few of their Heinz 57 friends, were designated as The Dachshund Divas. In our family, we call the little dachshund scamps toe-tippers in recognition of the clicking noise their nails make on any surface but dirt. The great dane and Boston terrier scuttled along together modeling holiday finery like it was their typical afternoon activity. And not to be outdone was a striped-sweater-ed Dalmatian doing the same. But my favorite parade pooch was the, reindeer antlered, black lab that trotted un-tethered, all by its lonesome, in the split between two groups of horses. Either this dog knows a trail ride and falls in line, as in: have horse will follow or, just as believable, signed itself up and fell in the parade line when its number was called. Impressive. How many times is it appropriate to use the word impressive in one column? I’m sure I’ve passed the limit. One more time… Madison’s small town holiday parade was big town impressive. Thank you to the city Special Events Coordinator, Colleen Hall, the City, and all the volunteers and participants for a wonderful Holiday Parade. Well done. Follow on: Twitter @cbestdiscovery and Instagram @cbestdiscovery. Share what you’ve discovered

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