State association honors Morgan BOE

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick managing editor

The Morgan County School Board has been named a “2104 Quality School Board” by the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA). According to the GSBA, the recognition program was designed to showcase best practices in school governance and leadership. GSBA recognizes good school board governance to foster educational community cultures in order to advance student learning and achievement. The GSBA Governance Team Recognition Program was developed by Georgia superintendents and board members based on the state board of education’s standards for effective governance to recognize exemplary leadership. Morgan County school officials are thrilled to have earned the title. “The recognition means that going forward the board is committed to focused team leadership and direction,” said James Woodard, superintendent. “The goal is for the board of education to focus on effective governance and leadership as a board team. The outcome of this type practice is to improve student learning and achievement. The community should appreciate the focus of the board as a team working together to improve education in Morgan County.”  “This recognition by the Georgia School Boards Association honors our Board of Education members for their effective governance as a team, while providing our stakeholders the assurance that this Board meets all the criteria to be deemed a board “with quality.”  We are honored to have our Board recognized for their passionate dedication to the students and educators of Morgan County,” said Sarah Burbach, assistant superintendent. According to Burbach, The Morgan County Charter School System Board of Education met and or exceeded the criteria set forth by GSBA to earn this honor of a 2014 Quality Board. The criteria include strategic planning, implementation of the Vision for Public Education in Georgia, participation in a self-assessment with recommendations for improvement, completion of the superintendent’s evaluation, meeting local Board of Education training requirements, and compliance with standards from selected accreditation associations. In addition, now that the Quality Board distinction has been awarded, the Morgan County Board of Education is obligated to assist other Boards of Education, as requested, to achieve Quality Board recognition. The GSBA Board recognition program is a three-year, three tiered program beginning with the Quality Board status, then Distinguished Board status, and finally, Exemplary Board status. The BOE is setting its sights on the top designation of the GSBA program. “Our Board can apply for the​ Distinguished Board recognition after having been designated a Quality Board for one year, so we can apply in October 2015,” explained Burbach.  “We are well on the way to achieving that recognition!  The next level is being recognized as an ‘Exemplary Board’—one year after earning the Distinguished Board certification.  Our Board of Education is ‘on target’ to garner that title, as well.”

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