The lights represent the stars of the heavens

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Sunday morning attendance was good with visitors present some were out due to sickness and some members were back after being out for a while. We pray everyone will be back soon. Bro. Tony Compton brought special music during the service and the message he brought was, “Wake Up,” Psalms 127, Eph. 6: 4 and Acts 16:31. We all face challenges in our lives each day, times are hard shooting bow and arrows are hard they have to be lined up just right or we miss the target. A lot of things are hard. We must shape, sharpen and shoot the arrows. As parents, grandparents, teachers, leaders etc. if we shoot the arrows straight the children will follow. We have to watch for distractions. We are shaping and sharpening lives around us. They can learn patience, obedience, courtesy, love, contentment, truth and mush more by what they see us do and how we shoot the arrows this can influence the world. As a church we should rethink our goals and look at what we know, honor government, encourage others and unite families. Through it all God is with us. He is the Blesser and He wants to bless us and the children and adults we are trying to reach for Him. Sunday night at 6 p.m. a good attendance was present for our Christmas program, “And the Angels Sang.” After the program Christmas food and fellowship was held in the Family Life Center. Saturday the Women’s Ministry met for their Christmas program at the Brownwood Community Building with 25 in attendance. Those attending were Brenda McAdams, Elaine McClure, Barbara Sims, Margie Ward, Betty Bailey, Ellen Smith, Carrie Knight, Peggy Harper, Kittie Mayfield, Ashley Rhoades and Adalyn, Millie McNair, Janice Cronic, Laura Jenkins, Melody Bowling, Maya Simpson, Olivia Simpson, Janice , Ann Terry, Jeanie Mullis, Ellen Austin, Ann Harrison, Conner Harper, Cathy Scott and Keith Scott. Margie Ward visited Betty Bailey and family Monday afternoon. Friday afternoon Margie Ward visited Laverne Stovall and family. Millie and Eleanor McNair visited Dot Stewart at Athens Regional Medical Center Sunday afternoon. Julie Phillips and Margie Ward attended Rachel Wood’s violin recital Thursday Night.

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