Madison-Morgan Christmas Memories: Tia Lynn Lecorchick

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Tia Lecorchick

Tia Lecorchick

Tia Lynn Lecorchick Managing Editor

My most cherished Christmas tradition is, quite simply, singing—singing along to the sacred songs and hymns that have been sung by countless people across cultures and centuries. Whether singing in unison with loved ones or strangers, the knowledge that we utter the same words our mothers, fathers, grandparents, and generations past have sung at Christmastime, reignites the all-too-often extinguished sparks of human unity. Since I was little, singing these songs –that seem to house all the beauty and brokenness this mysterious world spins amidst—felt like a cosmic reprieve from all the nonsense that divides the human race, allowing a brief moment of grace for all who would dare to hope that there really could be, one day, peace on earth and goodwill to all people.

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