Clack and Markley address Bostwick City Council

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick (Managing Editor)

The Bostwick City Council convened on Monday, January 5 to hear special guests County Commissioner Philip Clack and Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley.

Clack addressed the council to update them on the various priorities of the county and how some of the ongoing developments will benefit the city of Bostwick.

Clack pointed to the coming farmers market and Mannington Mills expansion as opportunities for Bostwick residents acquire jobs and economic growth.

“I wanted to share with them the great impact those two things will have for Bostwick and the entire county,” said Clack.

But Clack’s number one priority is ensuring public safety. “Economic growth is important, but public safety will always be the top priority,” said Clack.

Clack also reviewed some of the highlight achievements in 2014.

“I was very proud of what we were able to accomplish last year. We implemented the new 911 system, added money to the budget for new cars, a new deputy and two fulltime fire fighters.

Robert Markley gave his yearly update to the council as well. There is an estimated 50 patrol officers. He urged attendants to be aware of burglaries and to take reasonable safety precautions. Markely pledged that his officers would remain diligent in serving and protecting the city, and the county as a whole. Markley also said that the drug rates have slowed a bit. Speeding is also an ongoing problem for the city of Bostwick on Highway 83.

“We are very pleased with the support we get from the sheriff’s office. It’s a really good relationship between the county and sheriff’s department and our city,” said Angie Howard, city council member.

The council also discusses closing down Gilbert Road because of its condition. “It’s a paved road, but with no ditch and no proper drainage and it cuts through a sod field,” explained Howard. “It’s not a usable road and it’s not a road that people have to use regularly.

It’s starting to wash out pretty bad through the irrigation system of the sod field.” The city will further assess the road before making a decision to close it off.

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