Cotton Gin Festival has record earnings year

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Event makes $15,000 to help fund downtown Bostwick projects

Event makes $15,000 to help fund downtown Bostwick projects

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick (managing editor)

The numbers are in, revealing that the 35th annual Cotton Gin Festival was the most profitable in the festival’s history, garnering $15,000 for the city of Bostwick. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, a faithful flock of supporters attended the festival, giving toward the Gin Run and purchasing T-shirts, merchandise from the arts-and-crafts vendors.

“Weather did affect attendance, but we still did very well,” said Angie Howard, a Bostwick city council member. “This is the best we have ever done. We are very grateful to all of our sponsors and those who came out to support the festival regardless of weather.”

Proceeds from the Cotton Gin Festival usually are committed for the restoration of the Susie Agnes Hotel project, but since that project is now complete, the funds can be used for other projects around town.

“There will always be ongoing maintenance costs for the hotel, but we are looking at using Cotton Gin money for smaller projects, too,” said Howard.

According to Howard, funds from the Cotton Gin Festival could possibly be used toward redoing City Park, which would include the addition of a Veterans Memorial. The money could also be used for town beautification projects, signage, and seasonal holiday decorations throughout the year. The hotel is also in need of some new furniture. “It will just go to little things here and there,” said Howard.

Now that the Susie Agnes Hotel is completely renovated, there are four office spaces available for rent. To find out more information, contact the City of Bostwick at 706-343-0065.

Bostwick is already planning for the next festival, which will be held on Nov. 7, 2015. Next year’s festival will be a weeklong festival, kicked off by the Gin Run the Saturday prior, on Oct. 31.

“The festival has grown and we are very pleased. So we thought since we have more to do on the day of the festival, we’d stretch it out to a weeklong festival with smaller activities beginning on Oct. 31,” said Howard.

“We can’t wait,’ said Howard.

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