It is so foggy you can’t see a car in the road

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As I write this it seems as if we are totally shut down. It is so foggy you can’t see a car in the road. I’m so grateful that we don’t have to be out tonight. I pray that there will not be wrecks in the fog where people are hurt or vehicles are destroyed.

We have very few news items. It is because we are just through the holidays and people are staying home I guess.

We have two birthdays Mac Kenzie Mullins has a birthday on January 16; Ron Denney also has a birthday on January 16. I hope that you both have a very happy birthday!

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? I used to make then. I haven’t made them in the last few years. I would have a list of things but after a while I would forget to do them one day. The next day I might would forget it too or I might do them and it got to where I would miss. I finally just quit. I saw where I couldn’t keep it up.

I’m going to mention some news from Godfrey. Tommy and Judy Lawrence came to see us one day. Boy she cooked some good kale that she brought us. During their visit they told about his aunt that lived at McDonough. She grew up at Godfrey. She had broken her hip. She was still in the hospital following surgery on her hip. She passed away while still in the hospital. She was Juanita “Nita” Lawrence Hawkins. She was married to Wallace Hawkins who also used to live at Godfrey. I suppose they both were from the Godfrey community when they were growing up. I send my sympathy to the family.

I thought about the fact that now that leaves Tommy with no aunts on the Lawrence side of the family. One on the Brake side of the family, there is the fact that I’m the last aunt on the other side. Time moves on. We all have to realize that time stands still for no one. We have no control over that.

Next week please save your news for me.

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