Kiwanis Club gives grant to MCHS Robotics

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick (Staff Writer)

The Morgan County Kiwanis Club awarded the Morgan County High School FIRST Robotics Team 3600 with a $500 grant to help cover the costs of building the club’s latest robot to compete in the 2015 Georgia Southern Classic Regional Event in Perry later this February.

“If we win or get certain awards, then we will qualify for the International Championship in St. Louis, MI,” said Alec Johnson, Robotics Club instructor. “Forty-five teams are signed up for the regional event currently, but there are thousands of teams across the world that compete at regionals in order to make it to the championship.”

The money from the Kiwanis Club will be put to good use. “The money will go to buy new wheel for our robot, said Everitt Gill of the MCHS Robotics Club. “This money will go a long way for us. We just want to thank you all for this.”

Chanin Gill, Kiwanis Club member and father of Everitt Gill, was pleased to present his son’s club with a check. ‘We are really proud of what they do and how hard they work on this,” said Chanin Gill. “We want to support them in this.”

Instructors are hoping the Robotics Club help develop and shape students’ natural abilities and talents.

“This year we have been focusing on engineering processes and letting the desired function determine the structure, instead of the other way around,” explained Maryann Dartnell, Robotics Club instructor. “In addition, really developing the students’ strengths and interests is a major goal.”

The MCHS Robotics Club is headed to their next competition on February 27 through March 1. According to Johnson, “the task this year is Recycle Rush which has a heavy ‘grab and stack’ component that we are designing our robot to be able to do. The containers that we are stacking are the type of totes you might put holiday decorations in along with some recycling containers as well. Right now we are finishing up designing and prototyping, but we should be starting to build the frame and body by the end of this week.”

“We have a lot of work to do still,” said Johnson, Robotics Club instructor. “This grant will help us very much.”

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