Belton lands plum post

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick (managing editor)

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston announced last Thursday that Morgan County’s own Dave Belton, the new Georgia House Representative for District 112, has been assigned to three committees: the Economic Development & Tourism, Education, and Interstate Cooperation committees.

“My thanks to Speaker Ralston for his very insightful selections,” said Rep. Belton.  “I am very grateful to be serving on the Interstate Cooperation and Economic Development committees. As a person who has resided in four different countries, and in many different states, I feel very well suited to serve on these committees.”

But for Belton, a former Morgan County School Board member, serving on the state education committee is the most promising. “It’s a real honor,” said Belton. “There are 30 seats on the committee and there were only two open slots available. Education is more than 54 percent of the state budget—somewhere around $11 billion a year. It’s a big deal. It’s the largest percentage for education in recent Georgia history.”

Belton set his sights on the state education committee since he won the Georgia House Representative Race back in November.

“I worked very hard to get it. I campaigned very hard for it. Education is my love,” said Belton. “My basic goal is to improve education and to empower teachers to take back the classroom and teach. We need to have less onerous controls from the state and feds.”

According to Belton, now is one of the best times to wield some influence over the direction education in the state of Georgia takes.

“The Governor has two focuses right now—transportation and education. That’s the two big things that are going to be worked on in the next two years,” said Belton.

Belton is promising to advocate for greater investments into Georgia’s education system.

“You can either build good prisons or you can build good schools. I would rather build good schools. We can spend the money now or spend this money later,” said Belton. “As a conservative, I think it is better to invest into putting children on a pathway to become productive citizens, instead of drains on society.”

“We owe it to our children to provide each and every one of them a unique and individualized way to achieve the very best opportunities for their futures,” added Belton.

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