City planning holds first meeting

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By Kallie Drake (staff writer)

The first-ever official Madison Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Thursday, Jan. 15 approved two applications, for a farming supply store and inn, and tabled the third application for apartment units for further review.

The first application was proposed by Lowry Hunt Jr. for a text amendment to allow for a warehouse building in the C5 district of Madison to become a store that would sell farm supplies and possibly conduct other agricultural-related business. The business would be called Nursery, Garden Center and Farm Supply Stores.

“There is already a fertilizer facility on the site, and that would continue to operate. The store would be in addition, and we would add seed, feed, and chemical sales,” Hunt said.

The application was unanimously approved and will therefore be sent to the mayor and City Council for the final decision.

The second application, from Robert Massey, requested a text amendment to allow for an industrial building located at 398 Park Street in the historic district to be converted into apartments. The property would be called Bell Park Lofts and Suites. It would consist of eight residential units for rental at approximately 1,000 square feet each for single families.

Planning consultant Bill Ross stood in opposition of Massey’s application due to “unclearly defined terms” on the application that may result in difficulties when it reached the City Council.

“I’d really like to see something positive come of this property, I just think we need more detail,” said Vice Chair Robert Trulock.

The application was unanimously tabled until the commission’s next meeting.

The final application was by Ashley Hunt for the conditional use of a building at 201 S Main Street as an inn. The building was originally a boarding house, and the applicant would like to restore it.

Gilbert recused himself from the vote on this application due to prior knowledge and input on the matter. Nancy Nolan-Kuperberg voted against it, but the rest of the board passed it. The Madison Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation for approval Hunt’s project will go before the Madison Mayor and City Council.

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