Humane Society hires new director

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By Kalli Drake (Staff Writer)

The Morgan County Humane Society has a new director!

After graduating from Athens Technical College and becoming a registered veterinary technician, Brandi Skinner worked in veterinary medicine while staying in close contact with her instructors at the college. It was through email that the position as director of the Morgan County Humane Society was brought to her attention.

Skinner went through an interview process, was hired to the position and began working on December 15. Having worked exclusively in veterinary medicine up to that point in her career, she was nervous about the new position but is finding her way step by step.

“It’s so different, but I like that everything has a happy ending, with an animal finding its forever home,” said Skinner.

Skinner’s goals for the humane society include providing the public with the most adoptable animals and really giving the animals their second chance at finding their “forever home,” a term the humane society coins for the households that adopt.

Also important to Skinner is increasing the public’s awareness of what the humane society does and how it runs. She wants to work with volunteers to help them, and even herself learn what it is like to work there and work with the animals.

Skinner notes that she is still learning all the ins and outs of the job, but she knows that the primary means of garnering volunteers is advertising in the newspaper. She wants to be able to help them with basic training and encouraging them to interact with the dogs and cats.

“Everyone likes to play with the dogs, but the cats can always become more social too, and we like to have volunteers interacting with them as well,” said Skinner.

Overall, Skinner’s main goal is increasing animal adoptions. The humane society goes to various Petsmart locations in the area every weekend and holds adoptions days where families can come and get to know the animals and the humane society, and visa versa.

One thing Skinner is grateful for is that most animals come to the humane society in good health, a change from what she would experience in veterinary medicine. Through this job, she still gets to work with veterinarians, but the relationship she has with clients is very different.

“As a veterinary technician, your relationships with your clients are long-term basis through medicine, but at the humane society, you can really get to know the adopters, and it’s more of a behavioral evaluation,” said Skinner. Skinner looks forward to continuing to find her way in this new position while bringing more and more animals together with their forever homes.

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