Lord takes over as a school transportation director

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By Jamison Hooks (staff writer)

Twenty-one years ago, Alicia Lord left Corporate America in search of a job that would allow her to be more involved in her children’s daily lives.

Lord quickly began working for the Barrow County school system in the Transportation Department as a bus driver.

After furthering her education by earning her Bachelor’s Degree, Lord began moving up through the ranks in the Transportation Office.

First, as a Routing Specialist, then a Special Needs Transportation Coordinator, and finally a Transportation Cluster Manager.

“My Transportation Cluster Manager position was one fourth the county but was the size of Morgan County in enrollment and transportation personnel,” said Lord.

Her experience throughout the entire Transportation Office has prepared Lord for her new position as Transportation Manager of Morgan County Schools.

“My responsibilities as Transportation Manager are quite diverse,” said Lord.

From the oversight of Drivers, Monitors, and Mechanic Staff to the training of new personnel, Lord has many tasks on her plate.

“I keep Morgan County up to date and compliant with State DOE transportation requirements and best practices and make sure we are doing things as safe as possible.”

“I provide input for re-evaluating routes and implement changes when necessary based on the student/passenger enrollment,” said Lord.

Along with her administrative duties, Lord is responsible for the discipline of students on the bus according to the Board of Education Student Code of Conduct.

The most enjoyable part of her job is the interaction with the community, explained Lord.

“The best part of my job is the interaction with the students, the parents and the community.  I love to occasionally return to the driving position and establish a relationship with the students of that route,” said Lord.

In regards to the most challenging part of her job, Lord describes the inability to give each family personal service due to geographical difficulties as well as time and mileage restrictions.

“Each bus stop is carefully designed to meet the needs of the students while being as safe as possible and yet sometimes it is a compromise in location.  We cannot come to each address in Morgan County to pick up every student even though we would like to.”

“In some places we are limited by geographical location to turn the bus around.  In other areas, we have time and mileage restrictions so we have to pick up several students at one place instead of going to each address.  We do our best to accommodate each and every student to the best of our ability so a large percentage of students do get a front door pick up and delivery,” said Lord.

Lord prides herself on being approachable, and welcomes any questions, comments, or concerns.

“My door is open and I am usually reachable by phone to the Transportation Office or my email which is  I will always listen and do my level best to get the answers that are needed,” said Lord.

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