So many people put out hummingbird feeders

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The Lake Oconne Baptist Chapel has a new interim pastor. He is the Rev. Alvis Richardson. The people in the church are thrilled to have him and his wife Lorene. I pray that God will use this couple to bring a revival in the church that people will be saved and come to the church and for a new and refreshed spirit in the members. I’m thrill for you all. Ken Brown is in the hospital. I hope that he will be better very soon.

Wasn’t Monday a beautiful day. I set a chair out for my husband some time back that was behind a metal building. If it is sunny it becomes very warm there because now wind can’t hit him. But it was so nice on Monday just out in the yard. Before we know it spring will be before us. And then there will be so much pollen. Most of us suffer from that. Then there will be mosquitoes.

The youth of the Buckhead Baptist Church have events to raise their own money for the year. January 24, they will sell donuts. In addition to that they will have a donut-eating contest that will help raise money. On February 1 they will have family day to raise their attendance. People are invited to attend. Kennon Howell had a birthday on Sunday. The entire family came to help him celebrate his day. They have a great time when they are all together. Happy belated birthday Kennon. So many people put out humming bird feeders. We used to do that. I read a column in the Atlanta – Journal Constitution about humming birds. They put their homemade bands on them. Then they are turned loose. They may catch some of the same ones each year. In Florida one summer some were tagged. It was caught again in Alaska the following summer. It had travelled more than 3500 miles. In some few circumstances some will be found where they are spending the winter in places that may get down to zero. These birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. They have learned a lot about the birds since they started to band them according to Bruce Peter John who is chief of the bird-banding laboratory at the U.S. Geological surveys Patent Wildlife Research Center.

It was learned that they could go from zero to 50 miles per hour in 10 seconds. That is really some speed. It is not known whether they have stopovers on long migration to refuel. The hummers are interesting birds. They are still being observed, watching their habits, their flights and just watching very beautiful and unique birds.

Dennis and Julie Godbee visited Jo Ann and Buster Martin at Woodville. They also recently visited Marion and Sybil Godbee at Covington.

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