And is that weather man wrong, or right?

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

I think I forgot to wish all my readers a Valentine’s greeting. That one slipped up on me. The front of our bulletin on Sunday said “Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us.” From Ephesians 5:2, with pretty hearts strung across the front. So here I am, hoping all of you had a great day. Everyday should be a day to show our love to our family and friends. And is that weather man wrong or right? Are we going to get bad weather as predicted in our area? I pray he is wrong on this one (he very seldom hits it anyhow).

But I’m not ready for ice and sleet. Had a great weekend, especially on our Sunday. Butch took his message from 1st Corinthians 13: 1-3. I always called this chapter the “love chapter.” His sermon title was “Hand Wired to Connect, or A  Winning Combination.” How do we look at our Christianity? It is not a place, it is the person….how do we accept the messages of love and Christianity in our hearts?  Do we understand and realize what a personal relationship with our Lord is? So many of us take this relationship for granted. We were glad to see Kim Johnson come hobbling into church on Sunday. I know how she feels, I wore that boot for eight weeks. Keep her healing in your prayers. Also, Lou Comans has been sick with this crud going around. I think it’s worse on us older citizens. He and Jessie both need prayers.

Always remember Charles and Eleanor Johnson, O.L. Jordan, Mr. Bud Malcom, Patsy Greene, Mary Beacham, the Walker family, as well as our beloved pastor. Always remember Butch and our whole church family. We have some serious prayer requests that need attention. And always our Military, and our Nation. And my good friend and his family, Horace Reeves. Please remember my brother in law and sister Mildred and Doc McClung.

Doc has been in the hospital several weeks and is not doing well. Please call out their name when you pray. We also send love and prayers to the David Busbee family in the loss of David’s sister. Teresa lost her battle with cancer. We send our deepest sympathy to this family.

I hear that Heather Evans had a great birthday celebration with family and friends on Saturday night. Among those were her sister, Nicole and Brandon Morris and the children who came for a visit and helped celebrate her 16th birthday. Some of our members and friends had a great time Valentine’s night by enjoying the delicious food at the Silver Moon. UMNNNN. So good. We had a great time after the morning worship hour on Sunday.

We have designated one Sunday a month as a Building Fundraiser. On Sunday we had a great homemade spaghetti dinner with all the fixings for a small fee. We appreciate all those that cooked, baked, donated and we look forward to YOU coming next time. I will give the date later. Most of us go out and grab a bite after church, and we only ask a $5.00 donation. No one went away hungry and it was delicious. Beginning March 1st we will have a six-week study on “Jonah…The Interrupted Life” on Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. in the fellowship hall.  If you have questions please see or call Ginny Bell.

We are also tentatively planning our Annual Chicken Barbecue for April 25th. Those plans are not complete. Tickets will be going on sale as soon as we have them. We always appreciate the participation of our friends and neighbors to purchase tickets from any of our members. Also, tentatively a Church Wide Yard Sale and Pork Barbecue is being planned for May. The date has been changed and you will hear more on this event later. Be sure to check out our new church Website  at: Belated birthday wishes to Ruby McCord on the 10th and to Jed Smith on the 14th.

Happy birthday to Alice Waddell on the 17th, Mary Beacham the 20th, Eddie Stewart on the 23rd, Jordan Busbee the 24th. Anniversary blessings for Sarah and David McLendon on the 19th and special blessings to my granddaughter, Susanne and Eric Bell who will celebrate on the 24th. Special birthday wishes to Joann Hix on the 20th. Again, I do pray the bad weather passes by, but if not,  I hope each of your electricity stays on, warm house and good food and health. May the Lord bless you real good.

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