Motorcyclist Danell Lynn makes pit stop in Madison

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Danell Lynn spent a week in Madison during her year-long motorcycle road trip. Photo by Tia Lynn Lecorchick

Danell Lynn spent a week in Madison during her year-long motorcycle road trip. Photo by Tia Lynn Lecorchick

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Managing Editor

Guinness Book of World Records Attempter, Danell Lynn, 33, spent a week in Madison a couple weeks ago during her year-long motorcycle road-trip across the country, in an effort to break the current world record for most miles travelled by motorcycle. The standing record is approximately 23,000 miles.

“I really enjoyed Madison. I have an affinity for historic homes. It was a lot of fun for me to see the history here and how well kept it is. I love that part of it. I stayed pretty busy, visited the cultural center, and went into downtown to see the artists’ guild and eating in the restaurants. I try to eat local foods, wherever I travel.” Danell Lynn is currently at about 18,000 miles. “I’m pretty close, but I want to blow it out of the water,” said Danell Lynn.

Danell Lynn stayed with family friends, Janet and Charlie Mason, who live in Madison. Danell Lynn visited local museums throughout Morgan County and enjoyed eating at the Caboose in Rutledge. “The food there was delicious,” said Danell Lynn. “It was great. I had some jalapeno jam and pimento cheese.”

Danell Lynn began her travels in September 2014 and will finish in September 2015. She plans on riding through all 50 states. She has already visited 40 countries around the world. “I am a cultural explorer to the core, and an author, philanthropist, designer, world traveler…and I ride motorbikes,” said Lynn. “I have never been good at just doing one thing…I am a child of a global home and grew up moving every two-and-a-half years…I am a writer, a teacher, an artist, a designer, and I believe that you can be all these things and still have passion.

Life is a passion of mine and travel creates the script for my life.” Danell Lynn has purposely chooses to travel mostly on backgrounds and scenic routes instead of highways and interstates.

“You see so much more countryside and small towns that way,” said Danell Lynn.

But Lynn has been surprised by the domestic poverty she’s come across while riding through the countryside. “It’s been a learning curve for me to see how much of America is living in rural poverty,” said Danell Lynn. “In really small rural towns, there are pockets of homes, that where I am from would be considered condemned but people are living in them.” Danell Lynn, originally from Arizona, developed a taste for travel early on in life, since her father was in the military and lived all over the world throughout Danell Lynn’s childhood. Danell Lynn is not only a travel connoisseur, but “a serial entrepreneur.”

She is the founder and director of Highwire and co-founder and director of Threading Hope, two humanitarian organizations. She is also the president of Dl-couture, a fashion company, a published writer, and operates The DL – Fine Arts. She holds degrees in Art, Psychology and Education and earned her Masters and Bachelors of Science from Northern Arizona University.

“I provide motivational lectures on national and international forums. I have done humanitarian work in Africa (Morocco, Kenya, Malawi), El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala, Estonia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica and more. I have received awards from the First Lady of El Salvador and was a 2011 and 2014 Governors Arts Award Nominee,” said Danell Lynn. But Danell Lynn just couldn’t shake her wanderlust.

“Through exotic foods, custom clothing, hand-made furniture… the arts have surrounded me since inception. The lyrical form took shape as I began to scribble lines that created words. In elementary school I belonged to Young Authors and won selected publications. I continued to write for Museum openings, docent catalogs, as an Arts Editor for 45,000-plus distribution, online freelance work, Philanthropy Columnist, books and more,” said Danell Lynn.

“Travel became a large part of my life from an early age. We would pack the car and go to national parks in the summers. Spend hours playing in the dirt and watching our fishing lines bob from the nibbles. In sixth grade we moved to Europe which opened an entirely new world of travel, and in eighth grade humanitarian projects began and these experiences started to paint the canvas for the life I am to live,” shared Danell Lynn.

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