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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

Our attendance on Sunday was good for worship service. We missed all that were out due to much sickness, jobs etc. I hope to see you all back soon. Visitors were again present. I hope each one was blessed and encouraged by being with us.

Anyone that does not have a regular church home are always welcome to come visit with us. Special music was, “How Blessed” by Peggy Harper. Anthony Cottrell brought the message, “Live and Let God Be God,” Matt. 6:25-27, 31-33, Phil 5: 6, Is. 40: 27-28, Prov. 3: 5-6 and other scripture. We all try and make our own plans, then nothing goes right, or works out the way we want it, then we get frustrated and wonder what happened. We want to control our lives; we actually need to plan our lives with God in måind. We gain nothing when we limit God in what we do. We don’t need to worry we should seek God first in everything.

We shouldn’t try to rush God’s plan or His timing, this can bring hardships. He knows best for our life and will see our plans through. Don’t be anxious about anything. We should lay down our anxiety before God, make our requests to Him, always thank Him for what He is doing and will do. Always trust God to you and body of Christ. We can’t see what God has in store for our church and us, no one can imagine God’s understanding and we know not to lean on our understanding.

God’s love is never ending. Be thankful and have joy while waiting on God’s timing when seeking a pastor. Pray and have right attitude and know with God’s plan it will work out. He is our great provider. We allow Him to bless and we let God be God through it all. On Sunday night at 6 p.m. attendance was good. Anthony Cottrell’s message, “Ten Things God Can’t Do,” Is. 40:28, “God Can’t be Tired,” Jer. 32:17, “Nothing Too hard for God,” Is. 6: 3, “God can’t be Unholy,” Acts 10:34, “God can’t be Prejudice,” Ps. 89: 34, “God Can’t Break a Promise,” Is. 43: 25, “God can’t Remember Sin He has chosen to Forget,” II Cor. 2:14, “God can’t make a Loser”, Deut. 31: 6, “God can’t Abandon you,” Ps. 139:17-18, “God can’t stop thinking about you,” Jer. 312:3, “God can’t stop loving you.”

Saturday the Women’s Ministry met at Brownwood Community Building. Esther Curry, WMU director for Morgan County Baptist Association was our guest speaker. Others attending were Brenda McAdams, Elaine McClure, Laura Jenkins, Dot Stewart, Millie McNair, Janice Jenkins, Margie Ward, Betty Bailey, Ellen Smith, Kittie Mayfield, Peggy Harper, Janice Cronic and Miriam Shatterly. The Association Senior Adult Brunch will be held Thursday, March 12 at Cracker Barrel in Madison at 10 a.m.

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