This is a long winter

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

The weather looks very, very “iffy” out there on this Monday afternoon.  I wouldn’t be surprised at what we might wake up to in the morning and they say it is going to get even colder.  This is a long winter!  This is as far north as I want to be!

I hope all of you read the article in The Citizen last week that Martha DeBeaugrine wrote about John Moreland,  who was the janitor at the school when it was at what is the Cultural Center today.  I thought it was very, very good; I really enjoyed it.  His main job in the winter was keeping all of the wood-burning stoves going–my goodness, I have a full-time job keeping the one wood-burning stove we have going, what with bringing in the wood, taking out the ashes, and adding wood all through the day, such as this cold day we have today, so it doesn’t go out–and John Moreland had around a dozen stoves, I am guessing, to keep going!

Now, that, my friends, was a job!!  I have a wonderful son who keeps us in firewood; I don’t know who kept up the woodpile at the school, but surely the fathers of the children helped out with that.  It took a lot of wood for that many heaters!  I have central heat that will come on if the house cools down too much–back in those days, a wood stove is all they had.  He also walked to the school everyday from over from Pearl Street.

He had to get there very early, to try and have the schoolrooms warm by the time the students and teachers arrived.  He loved and really cared about his job; what a wonderful work ethic he had!  He was a much loved and a dedicated employee!  If you have not read this article, please go back and do so.   I know you join me in extending our deepest sympathy to the family of Herschel Speer who passed away very suddenly on Wednesday afternoon.  I hardly ever saw Hershel without his wife, Sara Ann, being with him.  They were very close and they always had a smile and an encouraging word for anyone they met.  He loved life and he loved his family.  He will be truly missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family during this sad time.  We all  need to remember Gil Businitz of the SOLM in our prayers as he has been having some hard days as of late.  We have also learned that Billy Cargile of Godfrey is not doing well and is in need of our prayers also.  We have also learned that one of the Buckhead Coffee Club members, Whitey Whitehead, is ill with double pneumonia.  We certainly pray that he will be better soon!

Dale and Howard Thompson, Amanda, Derrick, and Hope Mealor, along with Dawn and Tony Epps of Athens all attended the Valentine Banquet at Beacon Heights Baptist Church on this past Friday night.  They enjoyed good food and good fellowship! Speaking of Valentines, I like to tell good news and I have learned that two people that grew up here in our communities and now live in Eatonton, had a very nice surprise last week.

Dwight Eaton and Lillian McElhenny were crowned king and queen at their church’s Valentine banquet.  They both attend the First Baptist Church of Eatonton and they were very surprised to receive this honor.  Congratulations to them!  Julia Gay and Joe Sabbadino from Greenville, SC were here on Sunday to visit with relatives.  They along with the Chuck Philippis, the Jonathan Philippis, Rebekah and Grayson Kilpatrick, the Jim Schmitts, Irene Paul, and Blanche and Jake Wilson all enjoyed having Sunday lunch together at the Steve Craigs.  Julia Gay and Joe also enjoyed attending services at Trinity Baptist while here. Esther Curry and Ben Bruce enjoyed visiting with Kristy, Kenneth, and little Trevor Davis in Hampton on Saturday afternoon.

She reports that little Trevor is a good baby and everyone is doing well.  Frances Brewer enjoyed several visitors this past week.  Crew Brewer of Conyers spent one afternoon with her, along with her former neighbors, Nancy Mitchell and Mary Ellen Shannon,  Blanche Wilson, Irene Paul, and Bunnie Schmitt all enjoyed spending time with her.   Maxine Bruce along with Donna and Chandler Trice are very excited and looking forward to going down to Pensacola, Fla., this week where they will get to spend some quality time with Morgan Trice as she is getting her first real leave time from the Navy training school she is in there.

Morgan told them to bring their flip-flops, so it must be a whole lot better weather than it is here!  Esther Curry was a guest at the Brownwood Baptist Church’s WMU meeting on this past Saturday morning where she gave a talk about the WMU program.  She said she really enjoyed being with these ladies.  John Bruce enjoyed a Sunday night supper with Esther and Tim Curry this past Sunday night.       All of our crew had Sunday lunch together here on this past Sunday.   We also congratulate both of the Morgan County girls and boys varsity basketball teams as they won the Region 8-AAA championship.  They will start the state play-off’s this week.  Sydney Nash, daughter of Roland and Sara (Moorhead) Nash is a member of the girl’s team.  A big congratulations to them!

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