Killing spurs cops offer

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Betty Moore(columnist)

Betty Moore(columnist)

By Patrick Yost, editor

While an arrest has been made in the killing of Elrey “Bud” Runion and his wife, June E. Runion after the couple’s bodies were found near McRae, Ga., Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley is warning local citizens to be smart when responding to internet classified ads.

The Runions were allegedly killed after Bud Runion ran an ad on Craigslist seeking a 1962 Ford Mustang. Ronnie Adrian “Jay” Towns allegedly lured the couple to McRae with promises of a vehicle and then killed the couple for cash, various media reports state.

“In light of recent events we are urging local citizens to transact any type of business they have with a stranger at the lobby of the Morgan County Public Safety Complex,” Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley said.

“We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the complex is under constant video surveillance.”

The complex is located at 1380 Monticello Road. Markley said law enforcement is becoming more concerned with both buyers and sellers safety when responding to internet ads. “It opens up your eyes to the scams that are out there,” he said.

Markley said the lobby of he safety complex is currently used for many transactions were safety is paramount, including child custody exchanges.

The city of Madison Police Department is also urging citizens to find public places, including the parking lot of the police department on Main Street, as a place to meet when transacting business with unknown persons.

“The Madison Police Department would like to invite and strongly encourage anyone who is performing a purchase or sale in regards to a Craigslist ad, to please utilize a public area. We would also invite you to utilize the parking lot of the police department,” the department’s Facebook page states.

“There have been several felony acts (murder, armed robbery, theft of a motor vehicle) that have occurred recently in Georgia in regards to buyers or sellers being victimized while trying to accomplish a Craigslist transaction in person. Be smart. Use our premises and attempt to conduct your business during daylight hours.”

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