Madison Baptist prepares for March Mission Madness

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Managing Editor

Madison Baptist Church is preparing to host March Missions Madness event, an annual event of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, coming up on March 13-15, at which over 350 teenagers from all over Georgia will stay in Madison for a weekend of worship, socializing, and a full day of community service projects.

“When people see hoards of teenagers around town, they should know it’s for a good cause,” said Doug Adkins, minister of youth activities for Madison Baptist. Students and chaperones are assigned to mission project groups and will gather at the Madison Baptist to pick up supplies, load vehicles, and travel to their mission sites around the local community.

Most of the projects will involve sprucing up local homes in need of some tender, love, and care. Teenagers will do yard work, paint houses, replace rotted wood, and perhaps even some interior home repairs. In Madison, groups will stay in the Hampton Inn or Super 8.

According Adkins, the event is a rare opportunity to aid needy people in the community. Adkins helped find the people to do community service projects for, most of them are recipients of Meals on Wheels.

“March Mission Madness is an event that’s been going on for about 20 years, an annual event for youth, started by three or four churches in the Decatur area back in 1995,” said Adkins. “Every year it is hosted by a different church in a different community. It’s neat that local churches host it every year and do some good in their communities.”

Madison Baptist hasn’t hosted the event since 2003. “We are really looking forward to being a host church this year,” said Adkins. Adkins is excited to see this work being done in the community.

“The people with homes always seem to be appreciative because it’s a gift, it’s free.” The weekend will also feature guest speaker Rev. Kristy Bay. “I have almost nine years [of] experience (and counting) in student ministry,” said Bay. “I absolutely love helping students grow holistically as they discover the intersection of life and faith. I have worked for numerous churches in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky as a preacher, student minister, retreat leader, devotion writer, and student pastoral care giver. I have experience in leading retreats and preaching to all ages of students– from middle school through graduate students.”

“It’s going to be a great time for the kids and a chance to help people who need it right in our very own community,” said Adkins. “It’s an interesting take on the traditional Madison tour of homes, if you think about it. This tour of homes will be very different, but a nice take because we are trying to help folks who have been through a rough time.”

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