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Betty Moore Columnist

Betty Moore


By Betty Moore, Columnist

We all have something to say about the weather. We had about 11 degrees one morning. Up in Tennessee and places north they had very low temperatures. My brother B.T. lives in Manchester, Tennessee.

They had about five below zero or more. They had a tree limb to fall on the power line. It knocked electricity off about 24 hours. He had a generator, a grill and his lights with the generator and had heat from a heater. The generator kept the freezer and refrigerator going. James and Jenny Winters live in Monterey, Tenn.

They don’t have electricity yet. There are so many trees and limbs down. They were told that the current could be off up to two weeks. I hope not. There’s one good thing they have a wood heater. If they are like we were once about 50 years ago we had a wood heater. We perked coffee on it. I cooked eggs, bacon and even made toast by putting a fry pan on the heater. I had made a large pot of soup before the storm hit. We had old kerosene lamps at the time. We did all right.

It is mighty inconvenient but we can all make do when we had to. Jenny and James are Edna Smith’s daughter and son-in-law. I hope that they will let Edna know soon that their power has been restored.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel took seven youth to the Move Convention in Athens in January. The Move Convention was put on by the Georgia Baptist Convention. Some people had traveled from Canada to attend. There were several artists performing for the youth. To name a few there was Lexcrae, Kari Jobe and Rend Collective. There were several speakers. This convention is directed toward youth to bring them closer to Christ. God is an awesome God!

(Sent in my Sue Doorenbos)

Jo Marcrum spent a week in Dublin with her daughter and family. Ron and Margie Denning will celebrate their anniversary February 29 with it being leap year there is not always a February 29. So in years how long have they been married? Congratulations to them. May they have many more!

Let’s remember Old Buckhead Day that will be April 5. There will be a 5k race at 8:30 a.m. At 10 a.m. Those that have an old car, tractor, or whatever that you have used in the parade before get it ready! The parade will be at the Buckhead Baptist Church to the fire station. There will be food, music and a good time awaiting you!

Why not get ready for this fun-filled day on April 5. You will have a great day! Sylvia, Jay and Hunter Moon went to see her mother Jackie Messer. She is home now and doing well. She has been at the TCU at the hospital to take exercises. I am glad that you have done well!

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