MCHS Academic Bowl JV Team Wins State Tourney

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Sam Jones, Alex Quinlan, Dylan Meyer, Cameron McCandless, Komalpreet Kuar, Zoe Hamilton and Jody Johnson are shown holding the trophy. Photo Special

Sam Jones, Alex Quinlan, Dylan Meyer, Cameron McCandless, Komalpreet Kuar, Zoe Hamilton and Jody Johnson are shown holding the trophy. Photo Special

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick

Managing Editor

The Morgan County High School (MCHS) Academic Bowl JV Team won the State Tournament last month, outperforming region rivals Oconee and North Oconee to move on to defeat South Forsyth and Jefferson.

“To be first in the State Tournament shows we have some very bright students here in Morgan County,” said Karl Scott, coach for the team.

Lisa Adams also coaches the team. ‘Academic Bowl hones intellectual skills and builds confidence. It rewards and recognizes students who have a broad range of knowledge and are able to recall specific facts from their experience and education.

To be the first to buzz in requires that students anticipate where the question is headed and narrow possible responses to the one correct answer,” explained Scott. Seven students, from the freshman and sophomore classes, participate on the Academic Bowl JV Team: Sam Jones, Alex Quinlan, Dylan Meyer, Cameron McCandless, Komalpreet Kaur, Zoe Hamilton, and Jody Johnson. According to Scott, the MCHS JV team qualified as one of four teams from the region to go to State Tournament at Flowery Branch High School on Feb. 7.

The morning rounds consisted of three abbreviated matches to determine seeding for the afternoon playoffs. Fifteen other teams completed the morning elimination round to enter the Sweet Sixteen brackets in the afternoon.

“MCHS won close come-from-behind matches against region rivals Oconee and North Oconee, then defeated South Forsyth to make it to the finals vs. Jefferson,’ said Scott. “Though it was a tense competition, our students had fun the whole way!” Scott was pleased to see the students give it their all at the State Tournament.

“The Academic Bowl team has practiced inconsistently, but students bring their general knowledge of content areas and current events,’ said Scott. “Focus, anticipation, quick responses, and computational skills are crucial. Our students continue to demonstrate that they can excel against the best in the state.”

According to Scott, the competitions are similar to Jeopardy or the quiz bowl show, High-Q. ‘Matches begin with a Lightning Round in which four members from each team hold buzzer controls. A reader begins reading a question, and the first player to buzz in is recognized to answer the question. If the answer is incorrect, the other team gets a chance for the points,” explained Scott.

“The Lightning Round is followed by a worksheet round in which all team members put their heads together to answer fill-in-the-blank questions, often related to current events…Finally, there is the pivotal Bonus Round which involves buzzing in to answer a detailed question from any content area. If a student answer correctly, their team gets first shot at follow questions and more points.” Subject matter is varied and diverse, testing students on their how well rounded they’ve crafted their academic scope of knowledge.

“Typical questions might require algebraic computations, or specific knowledge of science, history, current events, and literature,” said Scott. Scott and Adams are proud of how the JV team performed and hope to continue that trend in future years with Morgan County High School students.

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