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I am missing my call that I usually got on Sunday afternoon or on Monday morning from my Aunt Frances, the original “Mrs. TriBee.”  Sadly, Aunt Frances passed away around the middle of the morning last Thursday after a very brief illness.  She went to the hospital on Wednesday morning, spent the night in ICU, and passed away on Thursday morning.  That, in itself, was a blessing.  She had been in exceptionally good health until then and also had an exceptionally bright, bright mind.  She could remember everything.  She always called me to tell me any news she knew of or of some happening at her beloved Trinity Baptist Church.  People always ask me, “Where in the world do you hear so much news?”  Well, strangely enough she was one of the best “grapevines,” even though she lived in The Lake Oconee Assisted-Living House” and didn’t even get out except for Sunday to go to church.

A beautiful home-going service was held on Sunday afternoon at Trinity with Steve Craig in charge of the service.  He did a wonderful, wonderful job.  Aunt Frances would have dearly loved her service.  It had lots of music which she dearly loved; she could really play a piano though mostly by ear and she loved to sing, especially the old songs made for duets, quartets and harmonizing.  She was at her happiest when people would gather around her piano and have a singing.  Her grandson, Keith Brewer, and her nephew, Dan Porter, sang “Shall We Gather at the River,” and her son, James Melvin Brewer, his wife, Inez, and Keith Brewer sang “In the Garden.”  They all did a great job.

Aunt Frances had been a resident of The Lake Oconee House for a little less than three years after falling in her home and breaking her hip.  As Steve said, no one ever wants to leave their home, but she knew it was time and the right thing to do, so, as she told me many, many times, she just made her mind up to be content.  She never failed to tell me how good the staff was down at the house and the good meals they had there.  As you know when she wrote in the paper, she dearly loved her “4 x 4 house.”  And that house was the neatest little house you ever saw; no clutter–everything had its place and it was decorated cute as a button. She loved keeping her little house and she loved mowing her grass as long as she was able. She liked to be busy.  She also loved her neighbors on Barrows Grove and when new ones moved in, she made sure she got to know them.  Nancy Mitchell and Mary Ellen Shannon were her latest neighbors and they really took Aunt Frances under their wings and when she moved to assisted living, they were very faithful to visit her.  Aunt Frances will be truly missed, but she lived a full  and healthy 96 3/4 years of life.  You cannot ask for more than that.  She is happy and blessed in her heavenly home over yonder.  “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” Aunt Frances.  God Bless You!  Mrs. Huberta Crisp is now up here at Morgan Memorial’s TCU where she is recuperating from heart surgery.  We are all praying for your recovery, Huberta!  We need to keep Dave Newell in our prayers as he has really been suffering from a very serious eye infection and sad to say, the doctors do not think it will be possible to save his eye.  Surgery to remove his eye is scheduled for next Monday.  I am a little late, but congratulations are in order for Daniel and Ashley Burt as they welcomed their new little son, Clark Jameson Burt, into the world on March 31.

Dave Clark of Madison and Nancy Clark, also of Madison are the little boy’s grandparents and Doris Clark is the great-grandmother of little Clark Jameson.  Daniel and Ashley live in Ashley’s grandmother’s house here on Hwy. 441, that belonged to Mildred Hilsman.  Another sweet note to his birth is that he  was born on her brother, Brent’s, home-going Heaven day which was eight years ago.  Nancy said that the number eight means new beginnings in biblical numbers; so what a true gift of God they received!  We all certainly want to congratulate Hannah Eaton, daughter of Lee and Gail Eaton, as she graduated from North Georgia College and University on this past Saturday morning.  Hannah majored in middle-school education.  Lee, Gail, and Trey Eaton, Holly Ogletree, Johnathan Voyles, and Annette Eaton, all traveled up to Dahlonega for the ceremony and then they all had lunch at Shenanigans.  Congratulations, Hannah!  Hannah and Trey will now get busy packing to get ready to hike the A.T.

On Thursday, one of our Baldwin cousins, Dorothy Ann Digby of Atlanta, joined Sandra Brown and I on the Tour of Homes here in Madison.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time and I think this was one of the best tours they have had.  We saw some beautiful, beautiful homes!

Bryson Burke’s travel baseball team won their tournament weekend before last.  Bryson is the grandson of Paul and Connie Shumake.  Congratulations, Bryson! Karalynn Clifton, our granddaughter, had a great swim meet this past Saturday and Sunday down at Savannah.  She beat out one of the top swimmers in the country to win the 100 breaststroke!  Congratulations, Karalynn!!  So proud of you!  Katie, Karalynn, and Maggie enjoyed some time at Tybee Island while there.  Connie Moorhead and her cousin, Frede Wellons have just returned from a wonderful trip to Wheat Ridge, Colorado, which is near Denver where they went to an Elfbeads Event.  They helped during the show, met wonderful new friends, went to the Rocky Mt. bead show in Denver, rode up into the mountains across the Continental Divide, saw elk, and just had tons and tons of fun.  If you are like me, I didn’t have a clue what “elfbeads” were!!  I am still not completely sure….but they are glass beads that seem to have a design within them, it seems they are somewhat made with a glass blower, maybe.  They also make them out of silver.  I have led a sheltered life and I had never heard of them as is true with many, many things these days! Joe Frank of Fayetteville, Tenn. is spending a few days here with Dale and Howard Thompson in Buckhead.  Marlee Malcom, a senior at Gatewood Academy in Eatonton, participated in the state track meet this past week.  She did really good and came away with third in high jump, second in long jump, and fourth in triple jump.  The girls track team won state runner-up.

Congratulations, Marlee! Gloria and William Crew, Evelyn Bone, and April Bone attending the visitation service for Daisy Carter in Gainesville on Sunday evening.  Carter was the widow of Ben Carter, who was Ivylyn Crew’s brother.  She had turned 90 just two months ago.  We send our sympathy to the family.  Larry Bruce, Sandra Brown, Harriette Young, Troy Lancaster, William Stewart, John Cape, were some of the ones who attended their MCHS class reunion on Saturday evening at The Chophouse here in Madison.  They were members of the Class of 1963 and this was their 52nd class reunion.  We all want to welcome Ellen Bruce to the neighborhood as she moved to her new home on Cochran Road this past weekend.  Ellen was living in her grandparent’s house in Monroe, but since her mother, Connie and William Zachary, have recently built and moved here to Enterprise Road, her darling twin nieces, are here on Baldwin Dairy, and her sister, Amy and Derrell Greenway, have moved to Lake Oconee, she decided to join the rest of the family down this way also.  Welcome Ellen!    The Phillip Woods and the Hill family all attended the wedding this past Saturday of Peyton Fuller and Miranda Whitley in Eatonton.  Peyton is the son of Curt Fuller of Eatonton.

Sally and Tony Stephens were busy this past weekend as they along with their son, Josh, cooked a pig and made brunswick stew for a Pig Pickin’ Fundraiser that Josh hosted in Atlanta at his friends home to raise money for his Summit for Someone climb to the summit of Grand Teton in Jackson Hole, WY.  He raised $1,096.00!  On July 21st – July 23rd, he will join Backpack Magazine Senior Editor, Casey Lyons, and others for this climb.  They are part of an organization called Big City Mountaineers which seek to transform the lives of under-served urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions.  This is another little note:  One morning this past week Tony Stephens went out to his chicken pen to feed his chickens and found that something had gotten in during the night and killed 27 of them.  Isn’t that horrible?!  Whatever it was has just bit their heads off and left them there.  I think he has around 60 chickens, but that was quite a blow.  Jack and Karen Lindsey entertained at a family dinner and birthday celebration for their son, Matt Lindsey on Sunday evening.  Happy Birthday, Matt!

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