She prepares a world she will not see

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Attendance Sunday morning for worship service was good. Some members are still out due to sickness. You are in our prayers, praying for a quick recovery. We were blessed to have several visitors on Sunday. Our prayers are they were encouraged and blessed by being in our service and will come as God leads to be with us again.

The choir special was, “The Eastern Gate.” Pastor Cottrell’s message, “Scars For Christ.” We all have scars no matter the source, each scar has a story. We think of Paul as we think about the scars we carry both physical and spiritual on our lives. Paul lived a tough life after becoming Paul. Scripture today 2 Cor. 11: 23-29 part of Acts 6 and 7, Phil. 1: 27-29, Phil 1: 20-21. Paul was basically forced into giving a list of his “credentials” as a result of his ministry being challenged. Looking at this list we can see that Paul had a difficult go at ministry. He carried many scars as a result of his preaching God’s message. We can understand a little about how Paul was scarred in his life; let’s look back in time before he was Paul. Act 6: 1-5 Stephen had a passion to serve. The 12 chose him to minister to the widowed. Stephen ran into opposition, the men plotted against Stephen and had him brought before the Sanhedrin. Stephen replied to charges with an oral history of how these people resisted the Holy Spirit and the truth of Christ.

Stephen spoke of Abraham and his sons and the story of faith and redemption there. He spoke of Moses and the life he lived up through leading the Israelites out of Egypt. After hearing this account off Stephen, it makes the scars of Stephen and Paul cry out even louder with their story. Living for Christ will cost you. Living out your passion for God will cost you. BUT the cost does not outweigh the gain. Phil 1:27-29, we are entrenched in a spiritual war when we stand for God and look to turn hearts to him. We become a target for Satan. In finding our passion and seeking to turn hearts to God by using it we are going to get scars. We go through some tough times, tough decisions to be made, then there will be people that will try to tear you down and tear your hope a part. Your faith will be tested by your circumstances, your heart may be heavy and your patience thin. Phil 1: 20-21. After the morning service the Welcoming Luncheon to honor Pastor Cottrell and family was held in the Family Life Center and was well attended.

On Sunday night at 6 p.m. a good attendance was present. Pastor Cottrell’s message w as, “Being Generous,” Isaiah 1: 11-17, I John 3: 16. Gospel shapes giving, this goes hand and hand and giving shapes the gospel. We should care about what God cares about, should direct our generosity toward the poor and needy, oppressed, lonely, those who need us, we can’t out give Jesus, He was generous with His life when He laid it down for us. The Associational Brotherhood meeting will be held Thursday night, May 7 at 7 p.m. at Centennial Baptist Church. The executive committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. Saturday night Margie Ward, Millie McNair and Dot Stewart attended the Senior Adult Banquet at Rutledge Baptist Church. Six churches were represented; two pastors were present, Rev. Alvis Richardson and Rev. Wilburn Hill. Thirty-eight were in attendance. Peggy Harper and Kaleigh Grubbs attended the ballet recital of Karleigh LeClair a Snellville Saturday. The theme was letters to God. All the children were such a blessing to all that attended.

Margie Ward visited Carrie Knight Friday afternoon. Margie War was among many that visited with the family and friends of Frances Brewer Saturday afternoon at A. E. Carter Funeral Home. Our sympathy goes out to the family during this time. To have known Mrs. Frances was to love her. She was a special lady.

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