So I just had to keep on being a girl

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May 10 is Mother’s Day. Families should be proud of their mother. The mother proudly brings the baby into the world. She lovely tends to the baby’s need from the time of birth until the child is older. There is no love like a mother’s love for her child. If you have a mother now, she would be so happy to have her family with her on this day! Let her know of your love for her.

I lost my mother in 1975. I still miss her at times. I suppose that many of you feel the same way. James and Jennifer Winters recently visited Edna Smith. Justin Brandt had a birthday on April 27; Georgia Smith had a birthday on April 30. Happy birthday to you both! Buckhead Baptist Church will have a dedication on Mother’s Day on mothers and children. The church will have no night service on Mother’s Day. Thursday is a National Day of Prayer. Most churches will be open so that people can come to pray. May 24 is Pastor Appreciation Day at Buckhead Baptist Church. The youth of the church will have lunch for sale for some of the youth activities. They make up money themselves for some of the things that they do. Happy birthday to Ava Siltik on her fourth birthday. I know that it will be a great time!

I send sympathy to the family of Joyce Lemons who died recently. Congratulations to Robert and Sherri Smith on their 34th anniversary. Deven Smith will be nine years old on May 9. Congratulations to you for being nine years old. Edna Smith had eye surgery this week. I hope that you did well Edna! The Morgan County Senior 4-H Horse Judging Team won third place in Athens last Saturday. Jay Moon is a member of that team. Lake Oconne Baptist Chapel had one to join the church. When I was a young child there was several sisters still at home. The oldest one was 23 years older than me. The sister nearest to me was eight years older. When they dated there was two of the sisters with dates in the car. I would go upstairs to listen to what they were talking about. I guess I must have been the baby sister and didn’t need to know what they were talking about. I think they made up what they called pig Latin so I would not know what they were saying. I begged them to let me know what they were saying. I listen intently. Finally one day it all came to me. I understood the language. I began to repeat what they were saying. It really got away with them. I wanted to be big and know what they were doing. They didn’t run me away. I realize now that I must have been a brat to them. I wanted to be with my brothers and sisters when they had activities. I loved them all so much. I really did not want to make them mad at me. I wanted to be there when something was going on. At the end of it we all survived. My sisters got married and left home and my brothers except for two stayed at home. So my fun for going upstairs was over. Then I trailed along with my two brothers. I loved them so much that I wanted to follow them. I heard that if a girl kissed her elbow she would become a boy. I struggled and struggled but I never reached my elbow. So I just had to keep on being a girl.

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