Waiting on a word from the Lord

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Greetings from The Springs! I don’t have announcements this week, but I will next time. Wednesday Night Bible Study was totally devoted to a question asked last week to explain Psalm 51:5. “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.” This psalm deals with David’s relationship with Bathsheba. He desired this woman. After being with her, he had her husband, Uriah, killed to cover up this deed. David wrote this after the Lord sent the prophet, Nathan, to confront him in this situation. Pastor Terrell stated that because David did not mention his own father, Jesse, it is logical to say that he was talking about the sin on Mankind. God placed a curse on woman for pain in childbearing. His mother did nothing wrong or out of character.

This Wednesday will be Prayer and Testimony at 7:30pm. There are several exciting topics that Pastor Terrell will cover in future Bible studies, so plan to join us every Wednesday. Have you ever considered that Noah was a man of patience? We normally think about Job when it comes to this subject. In his case though, since he had his afflictions, Job had nothing to do but wait. Yet, when it comes to patience, Noah is not our first thought to gain insight. Many of us have been praying to get delivered from something and we need to be able to endure the process. According to Pastor Terrell, we can learn how to wait on the Lord from the example of Noah. The text for the morning on Sunday, May 3, 2015 came from Genesis 8:3-16 with the focus on verses 15 and 16. As we looked at this passage, we have to keep in mind that Noah was a farmer, ship builder and preacher. Although he had other professions, he was still in full time ministry similarly to other preachers in the Bible. He worked and he also preached, “What doth saith the Lord.” He was obedient to God’s Word.

It had never rained up to this point on the earth. Noah preached for 120 years that water was going to fall out of the sky. The people thought that he was crazy. He preached over and over the same sermon that it was going to rain. Noah didn’t know when the flood was coming but he knew that it was on the way.

As we know, the rain came for a continuous period of time. When this happened, the people realized that he wasn’t so crazy. Many of us are praying that God will deliver us in some areas, and the promise is coming. This deliverance for Noah and his family took about a year to fully come. Yet, at first it looked like they had their deliverance before they really received it. The point is that for some of us, we step out before our deliverance comes and we end up sinking. It wasn’t time, so we ended up crying to the Lord, “Save Me!” That is what God was already doing for us where we were. He had us in a safe place.

The Lord saved Noah’s family inside the Ark. There was a time when it look like everything was going to be okay but it was not time to leave the ship. He had to wait and hear from God first. There are times when it seemed that God had worked that thing out. Because we would not wait, we stepped out on something too soon and started to sink. The water had gone down but the ground was still saturated. We thought we could step out but God had not really given us the go ahead.

Deliverance is a process. Until you hear from God, stay where you are. Just because God has started the deliverance process doesn’t mean that you can jump right out there. There were times when Noah got anxious, but he still waited to hear from the Lord. If you get ahead of God, your situation can be worse than the first time.

Looking at the text, in verse three we see that after five months, the water started to go down. Yet, it was not time for Noah to move. In verse four, the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat. Yet, it was not time for Noah to move. In verse five, as the water continued to go down, more mountains could be seen. Yet, it was not time for Noah to move. In verse seven, the raven was released and in verse eight he sent out a dove. Yet, it was not time for Noah to move. Now in verse ten, “And he waited yet another seven says, and again he sent the dove out from the ark.” We can relate to this because there have times when we have waited and waited and still had to wait some more. This time though, the dove returned with an olive leaf.

Noah could move. Pastor Terrell said that the Lord will always give us evidence that He is on the way. While you are waiting, God will send you an olive leaf to show you that you are on the right track. Keep on waiting. Things will get better! Noah was delivered when God told him to go. “Then God spoke to Noah, saying, ‘Go out of the ark.’” Don’t make the mistake of stepping out too soon when waiting on a word from the Lord! Glory Be To God!

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