B&G reps pass it on to MCES

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By Tia Lynn Ivey managing editor

The Success Program, an initiative of The Madison-Morgan Boys and Girls Club, arranged for two graduating Morgan County High School seniors, Jason Dowdell and Ryan Peek, to visit Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) to teach several fifth-grade boys how to tie a tie. Fifth-graders Ken Williams, Marquavious Brown, Jamarion Clark,J , Samarea Ward, Marquavious Wright, Travion Peters, Blaze Callaway and Ty Butle. Neil Walker, who leads the Success Program, told the soon-to-be middle schoolers that “there is power in the knot.” Walker shared with the boys how a tie is symbolic “coming into manhood”—how each of them will most likely wear ties for some of the most important occasions of their lives, such as jobs, interviews, graduations, and weddings. “It’s an important symbol and it’s important for you to learn how to do it,” said Walker. Walker warned the boys that along with the ties, they must also wear a good attitude. “You can look nice on the outside, but if you have a bad attitude, that can ruin everything,” said Walker. According to Walker, The Success Program specifically reaches out to African-American male youth to “provide them with the tools to be successful as they step into the next season of their lives.” Dowdell and Peek patiently demonstrated how to tie ties for each of the boys and helped them learn how to do it themselves.

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