A love of heaven makes a man heavenly

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Attendance Sunday at church was good several of our regular members were out. Some we know were working. Others we don’t know but we pray they will be back with us next week. We were blessed again with visitors our prayer is that they received a blessing by coming and will feel welcome to come and be with us anytime.

Special music was, What do I Know, O Holy,” by Alicea Cottrell. Pastor Cottrell’s message was, “Our Sacrifice to God,” James 4: 1-10, John 16: 7-11, John 15: 9-15 and Malachi 1:6-14. When we feel the conviction of God on our hearts and we accept Jesus as our Savior, that’s just the beginning. We need to experience the life that God calls us to live. We should surrender our all to the Lordship of Jesus Christ; he should be evident in our lives each day by the way we live. Jesus should be seen living through us. It is through him that we should function; it is through Him that we should be seen living through us. It is through Him that we should function; it is through Him that we should live and experience joy. Here are four points concerning Our Sacrifice to God. 1. You will feel convicted to sacrifice. To give of yourself, turn from following your heart and seek God’s purpose for you or what God desires like helping those around you, love people like God loves them and help show others how to have a relationship with Him. 2. You will feel joy for sacrificing. When you heed the conviction to sacrifice, to give of yourself to God and to those around you, God’s joy will be made complete in you. 3. You will feel complete when you sacrifice; 4. And you will show surrender when you sacrifice. This is what God honor as our sacrifice to him. If we are going to have a deep intimate relationship with God we must sacrifice ourselves daily to God. Each morning when we wake up, our mind should be on loving people. God loves us, on forgiving any who have wronged us, on growing in our understanding of God, on studying and meditating on what God has told us through His Word, and in any other way possible to have God at the forefront of our minds and directions.

We all should always strive to please God. Sunday night our Vacation Bible School began with an exciting group of children and adults. Everything seemed to go well on this first night. Bible School will go through Friday night the 19th. We all were glad to see Joseph McNair at church Sunday. He is back home after spending the last four years in the military. Thank you Joseph for your service in the military. The Brownwood meal ministry is continuing to go well. All the people that receive the meals seem to be very appreciative and thankful for being remembered in this way. The Widow’s Lunch was held on Saturday hosted by Janice Cronic. Those attending were Peggy Harper, Betty Bailey, Margie Ward, Kittie Mayfield, Dot Stewart, Carrie Knight and Ann Harrison. The luncheon was great, by the pool and enjoying the beautiful yard and all around scenery. No, none of us got in the pool. Margie Ward visited Carrrie Knight and Steve and Laverne Stovall on Monday afternoon.

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