Straight from the Bizz Buzz- Places to be for Father’s Day

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Welcome to Biz Buzz reportin’ deep within the pages of the Morgan County Citizen – where beans are spilled, whistles are blown, white lightenin’ is drunk and death-bed confessions are told! We might make you happy; we might make you mad. But, remember what momma says: “You’ll get happy in the same britches you got mad in!” Dang right! Let’s get goin’!

Before we get to Father’s Day, y’all check out Louie Herron’s ad in this week’s paper! Honey Louie Herron are throwin’ a Grand Openin’ Shindig on Tuesday June 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. with a Ribbon Cuttin’ ceremony and Open House event! Get over there and meet Louie, tour the dealership win prizes and enjoy refreshments! Love it! See you there right here in Madison at 1860 Eatonton Road!

Right so now it’s all ‘bout Father’s Day! Y’all be sure to check out Section C Local Color in this week’s Citizen on pages C4 and C5 for your Father’s Day shoppin’ Guide! Oh and a few other great Father’s Day ads are sprinkled in throughout this week’s Citizen!

First up we have Thrifty Mac! I’ll tell you what honey. You flat can’t beat a Big Green Egg! I’m mean you’ll be obsessed with grillin’! Get over to Thrifty Mac on Main Street in downtown Madison for daddy’s sake! Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co. on Main Street in downtown Madison has some sexy Father’s Day shoes! And, while you’re at it, buy up momma a pair too! Whaat?!

Jack’s & Kings located 132 W. Jefferson St. in downtown Madison has got the Man Cave covered honey! You’ll find the coolest vintage clothing, furniture, accessories and more! Get over there immediately! I know how to STIHL daddy’s heart! That’s right y’all! Get over to Madison Rentals and get daddy a deal! It’s located at 2201 Eatonton Road, in Madison.

Yes! Morgan Outdoors wants all y’all to buy daddy a Yeti Cooler, some Yeti accessories and one of them cool Kamado Joe Grills! Check it out y’all! They’re located at 2261 Lions Club Road on the 441 Bypass!

Ding dang! Georgia Overstock in Rutledge will rock your world! They have great prices on tools, equipment and appliances! Daddy needs you to go there! Hey and don’t forget to take your daddy to Yesterdays Café in Rutledge for Father’s Day! Daddy gets a free slice of homemade, melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk pie! If its leather and outdoor gifts you’re lookin’ for honey well best head over to Masada Leather & Outdoor located in downtown Athens! It’s a beautiful shop located in downtown Athens at 238 E. Clayton Street!

Hey and make sure daddy has flat got the time! Head over to Whidby Jewelry’s right here in downtown Madison on 177 West Jefferson Street across from Town Park and pick out the coolest watch EVER!

Muzzy’s located at 202 West Washington St., in downtown Madison across from Town Park has got Southern Marsh t-shirts, shirts, wallets and cool accessories dad will LOVE!

Honey The Clothing Depot in downtown Eatonton is a Father’s Day paradise! Honey they have flat got it all — boots strong enough to stomp a snake, shirts, huntin’ gear, campin’ gear and even GoPro! What the?! They’re located at 305 E. Sumter St., in downtown Eatonton. If you’re headin’ over there on Saturday, get there early ‘cause they close at noon! Hey and Landmark Athens’ Jason Manley wants y’all to come visit him for great deals on 2014 trucks! He’s over at 4145 Atlanta Highway in Athens! Oh and Chappelle Gallery located at 255 South Main Street in downtown Watkinsville wants all y’all to check out the cool pottery bacon cookers they sell! Honey daddy loves bacon!

Chops & Hops in downtown Watkinsville is hoppin’ this Father’s Day! Great steaks, burgers, chicken, seafood and pasta seven days a week and breakfast on Saturday and Sundays! It’s located at in Town Center, 2 South Main in Watkinsville! Power Surplus has everything including the kitchen sink! It’s known as Georgia’s largest curiosity shop! I’m talkin’ appliances, furniture, tools, and life-sized stuffed bears. Did I just say that? Yes! Honey it’s crazy over there! Check it all out at 2100 Monroe Highway in Athens! Tell em’ Biz Buzz sent ya! Y’all have a beautiful weekend and check back with us next week!

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