Our days get a minute or two shorter

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I believe that after the 21st our days get a minute or two shorter each day and you know that means closer to winter. Yes, it’s hot, and I’m so thankful for the air conditioning and I feel so for those that have to work outside in the 90 degree plus weather and I hope that each of our fathers had a great day on Sunday.

I don’t have much news. Didn’t go to church yesterday but I’m sure that Ralph Baker gave a good message. Spent the morning at Emergency at the hospital with James. He’s been sick, but like most men, could not get him to go to the doctor. Then it all came to a big head. He has pneumonia and bronchitis. We’ve had a really rough time with his high fevers and chills and out of his head. I’m glad to report that he is better today and pray he’ll be even better on Tuesday.

I so appreciate when anyone voluntarily give news to me. Thank you Janice Knight. She informed me that on this coming Sunday night at 7 p.m. they will have a gospel singing. This is at Apalachee Baptist Church. They will have a young man of 18 years of age that has sung on the Gaithers and with Jeff and Sherri Easter as well as others.  His name is Logan Smith. I’m looking forward to being there. As you know I love this kind of stuff.

Some of our youth enjoyed going to the Salvation Army last Wednesday to hand out goodies. In the meantime they ate at CiCi’s Pizza. They had a great time and are really into doing ministry work.

Butch and his family have returned from a fun cruise along with several other family members.I don’t have much details yet but I know they had a great time and I pray that he has “rested” his voice and it will be back to normal soon. Sue Crowley enjoyed having her granddaughter and friends down for the weekend to celebrate Father’s Day with her daddy, Glen. During our recent storm, Sue had a lot of roof damage. We were so fortunate, this close to her we had none. So she’ll be getting a much needed roof soon.

I talked to Lou Comans today and so good to hear he’s feeling so much better. He even spoke and gave a little preaching message at the nursing home recently. That made Jessie so happy.

Patsy Greene and members of her family recently returned from a mini-vacation to Pigeon Forge. They had a great time. Ramsey Simmons attended a reunion in North Carolina. With his Marine buddies all getting together. I know this was a great time. God bless our Military, retired and active.

I tried to do a little canning last week. Put up a few jars of squash pickles. Our garden got damaged and we’re not going to have much and I love to freeze and can. If you have extra, please remember me.

We will soon be getting plans underway for our Homecoming on July 26. I love this time of the year. I love revivals. Seems not many churches are into this anymore. I’m of the old crowd. I guess I can say that. I will be 80 years “young” soon and I’m thankful for each year the Lord has given me. Happy birthday to William Stewart on the 26th, Chelsea Bell the 27th, Randy Bell the 29th. A special big birthday wish for our dear friend, Joe Shackelford on the 24th. Jerry and Judy Cottrell will celebrate an anniversary on the 29th. On July 1st Ruby and Eddie Stewart will celebrate an anniversary.

Please remember all that have lost loved ones, those that are sick, especially our great nation and the leaders and pray for our pastors and their congregation. Until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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