We had many freezers of ice cream and some delicious cakes

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Edna Smith went to Eatonton on Sunday to see her sister-in-law Beatrice Smith. Beatrice is in her 90s. There are two anniversaries Henry and Edith McLarity have an anniversary on June 24. Congratulations to you.

Tommy and Joan Clower also have an anniversary on June 24. Best wishes to you! Nicholas Denning his wife and five children spent last week at Blue Springs Marina. There are rooms at the Marina that people can rent. He is Edna Smith’s grandson.

Scott Doran celebrated Father’s Day as well as his birthday on June 21. Happy belated birthday to you, Scott. Sarah Doran will be two years old on June 25. I hope that you have a happy, happy birthday Sarah. The Buckhead Fire Department is making plans for their July 4 barbecue like they have each year. Here’s hoping that it will be as successful as in year’s past. We made ice cream several times during the summer. I was just reminded of the events that happened many years ago. When Mama and I were going to Union Chapel Methodist Church in Putnam County years before I married and afterwards we had a great time in the MYF. We planned ice cream suppers. There would be a crowd. Young people from the area were there and even some from Morgan County came.

We played games, sometimes even hide in seek. We most often went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Price and Sterling and Elizabeth. They had lights everywhere so we could see well. This was the teenage group. But no matter even if it was hide-in-seek it was a lively game that everyone seemed to enjoy. Of course it was summer time so we ran and got hot but the night air began to cool. We had hayrides sometimes. Other times especially in the daytime, we had a watermelon cutting. This was especially on Sunday afternoons before we went back to church for the MYF.

Now Mama did not get out and play the games but she was having as much fun as anyone. She visited with the host and hostess. She enjoyed being with the crowd. I think that sometimes that it made her feel younger than her seventyish age. And I was glad for her to go because I didn’t relish going out up the highway to church and off another road or to the parties by myself.

At the end of the party we had many freezers of ice cream and some delicious cakes. We all had as much as we wanted to eat. And once again, there was a great time had by all. We left to go home having enjoyed ourselves fully and looking forward in a few weeks or maybe sooner to having another party. This was a place that we all enjoyed the good clean fun being with other Christians.

George and Laura Lohr have had their daughter Elizabeth and her children from Colorado to visit.

Dennis and Julie Godbee were with his sons on Sunday afternoon for Father’s Day. I talked to Jo Marcrum Monday morning. She moved to Dublin a few weeks ago after she sold her house here. She is with her daughter and family until a new house is built. She has been back to get plants, etc. that she could not take with her at the time of her move. She had lived in Buckhead for 16 years. She felt that she needed to be near her daughter and family, as she was getting older. She really likes the couple that bought her house at Buckhead. She said that their names are Shaffer and Tara.

I would like to welcome you to Buckhead. I hope that you have many happy years here and that you will join into the community, as it is your new home now. I’m sure that the people in the church of your choice will welcome you with open arms as you fellowship with them and with our Lord.

Since you moved from Stone Mountain you won’t find the traffic, lights, wrecks and all that went on there. But we live our lives in a slower pace but life goes on as we each go our own ways. Again I say to you welcome. The ladies of the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel bought Gideon Bibles on Father’s Day in honor or memory of the men of the church. How nice! River Rodgers is learning the New Testament. That’s great River! There will be an ice cream social June 28. Need people to bring ice cream at Lake Oconee Baptist for social.

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