Cheerleaders prepare for 2015-16 season

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By Robert Alan Richardson, Sports Editor

Coach Denise Frost’s competition cheerleading squad is going full-tilt this summer by attending their competition cheerleading choreography camp a few days ago and following that up with practices this week at MCHS. The fourth year coach said, “The choreography camp was coached by Clint Whitehead of the Georgia All-Stars and did an excellent job of helping us learn the routine we will use throughout competitions this season.

Competition coach Ashley Wedmann helped us contact Clint so we are grateful to have found a highly experienced coach who choreographed the whole routine for us.” There are certain elements the Georgia High School Association requires in the competition rubric for scoring the teams including the following sequences: jump, cheer, dance, partner stunts, elite stunts, pyramid, transition, running tumbling, and standing tumbling. The sequences get marks from the judges on degree of difficulty and execution. They also get points for creativity in the dance portion of the routine.

The practices this week have gone well, according to Mrs. Frost, “We will practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week from 9-11 and start working to clean the routine up as well as building our stunts and other movements. We’ve had a few girls that have been missing for various reasons so it’s been hard to get all of them together at the same time. However, I feel like we are in excellent shape for this time of year and further ahead than we have been since I became the coach.” She has also been a cheerleading coach at Baldwin and Eastside High Schools.

Cleaning the routine up, now and during the season, requires tweaking it if something is not working, if a stunt is not hitting, or the dance is not sharp and clean, she told us. Coach Frost commented, “Last year we only competed with 12 girls on the floor, but I’ve made the decision to move up to 16 this year. Out of those 16 we will be led by six seniors returning from last season.

Most of these girls will be involved in competition, football, and basketball cheering, so next week we will be attending Spirit Camp at Truett-McConnell. This is where we will learn and practice our cheers, chants, and dances for the football and basketball seasons. It’s also a great time for us to work on team-building activities that bring us all closer together.”

The Lady Dogs will be hosting the Bulldog Invitational on September 12 and will compete for the 8-AAA region title on November 6-7.

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