Let us love without expectations

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Yard Sale this coming Saturday, July 25, 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Margie Ward’s house, 4630 Brownwood Road. Some items are dolls, books, games, clothes, shoes and much more, too much to name. Hope to see you there.

Sunday morning our attendance was good with visitors and members. It was good to see members back after being out for sickness, surgery etc. Visitors are always welcome to any of our services. We are blessed to have them. Special in song was, “The Anchor Holds,” by Connie Cottrell; another special was, “I am not alone,” by Alicea Cottrell. Before the message Sunday we were all asked to bow our heads in a moment of silence to honor the fallen of those in the tragedy in Tennessee last week.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. Pastor Cottrell’s message was, “Discourage or Encourage?” What keeps you pushing forward when life gets hard? What keeps you pushing forward serving God when so much is turning against us? Are you discouraged or encouraged? Courage is defined as the quality of mind or spirit to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear. Encouragement is defined as to inspire with courage, spirit or confidence. Acts 4: 32-37 Encouragement starts in our hearts with sincerity as a desire to help others. Acts 9: 27 Encouragement supports those in need spiritually. Acts 11:19-26 Encouragement admonishes people in God’s teachings. Acts 11: 27-30 Encourage meets others physical needs. Acts 13:2-3 Encouragers need to be encouraged through prayer, even the most seasoned and courageous people need prayer to remain encouraged. Acts 9:31 1.Encouragement helps to strengthen the body of Christ. 2. Encouragement helps the body of Christ grow. 3. Encouragement helps us to live in the fear (reverence) of the Lord. Act. 13: 42-43 1. Encouragement breeds encouragement.

Now that we know how and the results of encouragement, what is our reasons to encourage? Acts 13: 15-41-V15 We have a message of encouragement, V16; We have passion for Christ (I hope you do) V. 17-23. We have the old story, the prophecies and the fulfillment to stand on. V. 25 We encourage because the great encourager Jesus Christ has given us a gift that we are not worthy to have. V. 26 The message of Christ was for us! V. 28-37 Death was conquered by Christ! V. 38-39 We have been forgiven of our sins. I pray that your impact on others is one of encouragement.

During the invitation Addison Smith came forward seeking baptism. We welcome her and her church family and we will be there for her as she goes forward in Christ. Sunday night at 6 p.m. we had our regular quarterly conference, a good attendance present. This past Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 my granddaughter Rachel Wood participated in the 2015 GRPA Class “B/C” State swim meet in Tifton. Rachel placed seventh in the 50 yard freestyle and placed eighth in the 25 yard backstroke. Rachel Wood, Leah Wall, Ella Hayes and Emma Kate Leach girls 12 and under got sixth place in the 200 yard Medley Relay. Job well done. Congratulations to all of you.

Brownwood Baptist will have their fourth Sunday night Community Meal next Sunday, July 26 at 6 p.m. everyone bring covered dishes, this will be held in the Family Life Center. Next Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Brownwood will have a work day. All men are needed.

Joe and Retha Brown, Margie Ward and Brenda McAdams were among those visiting with the family and friends of Edgar Stewart at A. E. Carter Funeral Home on Wednesday night. Margie Ward attended the funeral of Edgar Stewart on Thursday at the chapel of A. E. Carter Funeral Home. Our sympathy goes out to his family during this time. Margie Ward visited Betty Bailey during the week. Geraldine Batchelor celebrated her birthday Sunday, July 19 at Madison Health and Rehab with family and friends. There were 24 in attendance.

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