All the pastures are drying up

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I am so tired of this hot, hot weather! All the pastures are drying up, too with these scorching temperatures. When you have cows they always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence; it isn’t just people who think that, too, you know! They are fast eating the pastures down to a nub with these high temperatures and hardly any rain as of late. We have to keep the gate closed at the end of our driveway to keep them from wandering up the driveway and eating the grass on the right-of-way. Someone said, “Look, Bruce and Rachel live in a “gated community.” We sure do, and I really wish I had a remote control device to open that gate and close it! When you live on a real working farm, you get to be a pro at getting out and opening a gate, going through, getting back out and closing it. Trust me, the consequences of not doing it are just not worth it!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Billy Brewer in Godfrey as he passed away on this past Friday. He had been in declining health for some time. He was the son of Gordon and Mary Alice Brewer of Buckhead. He loved his wife, Jeannette, dearly; I never saw one without the other. He loved spending time with his children and grandchildren. A brother, Bobby Brewer and a sister, Beatrice Stanley, also survive him. A lovely service was held at Fusion Church on Monday morning with the burial at Antioch Baptist in Godfrey. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all of the family.

I do have good news on our cousin, Jack Cathey. He seems to have made a turn for the better! Praise the Lord! Mama and I went over on Saturday afternoon and we were able to go in ICU and see him and he was able to talk which is a big, big improvement! They are removing a lot of tubes and he is making good progress. His grandson, Charles, son of Jeri and Chuck Smith, is very happy that his PaPa is better and able to talk to him. They are very close and Jack does dote on him! Charles had bought a golf joke book and he would go in to see his PaPa and read him jokes which Jack enjoyed! Charles also read him “The Golf Night Before Christmas Book” that he had bought. Jack told Charles, “We are still going to go on our fishing trip!” Joann and Jeri have been there every minute, so pray for the caregivers, too and still continue prayers for Jack!

Another praise is that Allie Nash continues to improve also, although I haven’t mentioned her in a long while. She is keeping on with her therapy and she is spending this week up at Camp Twin Lakes up at Rutledge, which she was very excited about. Allie has also moved back to her upstairs bedroom at her home which is a big step. Praise the Lord for all of this news!

Ben and Joanie Bruce traveled up to Hiwassee one day this past week and went to the Georgia Mountain Fair which they really enjoyed. Esther and Tim Curry are enjoyed having Tim’s sister, Tamra Morgan, from Auburn, AL, here with them for several days. Steve and Sara Nell Craig enjoyed having their three granddaughters, Peyton, Elise, and Meri Kenny, of Acworth, spend the weekend with them this last weekend.

I forgot to mention that McCayla Cook is also enduring these hot temperatures as she is also one of the band members practicing their music routines as the band gears up for the high school football season.

I saw on Effie Powell’s facebook page that she was teaching and helping at Vacation Bible School in her town in Italy. She was telling the story of God parting the waters of the Red Sea when Moses stretched out his staff over the water and the people could cross over the raging waters. One of her preschoolers said, “Yes, and on the other side was “Candy Land!” The joy of children!!

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