First frost prediction: October 4

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I had the biggest surprise on last Tuesday when I got up. I looked out of the window and there was a BIG fog all across the back pasture! I had almost forgotten to even look for it. I went straightway and wrote it down on the calendar…August 4! Sixty days from that is October 4th which on or around that date should be our first frost! That sounds early, but most of the time that figuring stays true. Several others have told me they saw fog also; you may not have at your place, but remember to mark it down when you do! To be honest, a little frosty weather sounds pretty good right now with the 90 plus and even 100 degree temperatures we have been having! It is so hot and everything is drying up. We were one of the lucky ones last week when we got close to 8/10 ” of rain, so we praise the Lord for that. That same day, Rock Eagle had some major wind damage down there with trees falling and damaging several cabins and such. A lot of clean-up has to be done down there. Mama and Daddy just up the road from there didn’t have any of that, thank the Lord; they only just got a sprinkle of rain, to boot. This Monday afternoon the storm clouds are gathering, so maybe we will get something out of them. Well, now I can add this!!….a storm did come up around 5 p.m…..power went out for around two hours, but we got 1 1/2″ of rain out of it!! Praise the Lord! It looks like it may come again.

Jack Cathey has been moved to Landmark Hospital in Athens where he will receive physical and respiratory therapy as well as continuing with dialysis. Landmark is a long-term acute care facility and is part of Athens Regional. Bruce and I visited with him on this past Saturday and he was doing better, thank the Lord. He carried on conversations with us and he is getting his appetite back; so we need to pray that with all of the therapy he will regain his strength shortly. Connie Wilson has been spending some time with her mother in Elberton as she has had to be hospitalized several times recently.

We send Mrs. Rucker our get-well wishes also. We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Sarah Nell Bonner of Buckhead who passed away recently. She was 86 years of age. She had been in bad health for some time; not long after retiring from Walmart where she was last employed as a Walmart greeter. She worked in the pharmacy department also before that. We send our thoughts and prayers out to her family at this time.

We also extend our sympathy to the family of Betty Edwards who also passed away very early on Sunday morning. Betty was first married to Tue Sellers of Greshamville, who was a sister to the late Dorothy Bruce of our community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family also at this sad time. Will Porter moved into his dorm down at ABAC college in Tifton this past weekend to begin his college life and to further his education.

Mary Martha Maddox, the granddaughter of Mary and Frank Eaton, has also moved to Lee University in Tennessee to begin her college work. She has also won the honor of being a Lee University cheerleader. Her brother, Matthew, is continuing at Lee where he is continuing to be in the band. We wish all of these young people the best for the future. We also want to congratulate Leigh Ann Stephens, the daughter of Lynn Stephens of Buckhead, as she has finished up her schooling to be a Nurse Practitioner. The family had her a celebration party recently to honor her. Congratulations, Leigh Ann!

We also want to wish Caleb Moorhead, son of the Thomas Moorheads, a very Happy Birthday as he turned six years old recently. He had a very fun birthday party at the Aquatic Center with his family and many of his friends last weekend. Tonya Davis also visited the Moorhead families this past weekend. Her family moved to New York in June. All of the Moorhead clan enjoyed some get-togethers at the home of John and Kathy Moorhead over the weekend to visit with her. All of Connie and Paul Shumates grandchildren had a great first week of school and on Saturday they enjoyed a back to school pool party at the home of Christie and Christopher Jones.

Rosemary Cason Tribble was in Madison this past weekend where she attended her 50th class reunion at Ricardo’s in Madison. On Sunday she attended services at Madison Baptist Church where her cousin, Dean Cason, is the organist. Josh Stephens was the guest of his parents, Tony and Sally Stephens and Alicia this past weekend where they all helped him celebrate his birthday. He also got to tell them of his recent climb up the Grand Tetons Mountain Range a few weeks ago. The Bearden children had their monthly lunch get-together last week at the Blue Willow Restaurant in Social Circle.

Jim and Carrie Bearden, Joyce Bearden, and Barbara Walker of Atlanta, Elizabeth Thurmond of Piedmont, SC, and Mary and Frank Eaton of Buckhead all enjoyed visiting and a wonderful lunch. Joyce returned home with Elizabeth for a visit. Franklin, Stacy, and their girls all enjoyed a beach vacation last week down at Destin, Fla. All of the girls will soon be going to their schools. Lynn and Joe Hanson are excited as their granddaughter and her family have returned to Madison to live. Ashley and Clint Johns with little Charlie will now be close to family. Florida was a long way away! (I really don’t know what families do without grandparents nearby!!). They have moved into the Magnolia Plantation subdivision off of Crowley Road. We welcome them back to Madison!

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