Missing girl found at west bound rest area

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By Patrick Yost, Editor

Morgan County Deputy Shawn O’Kelley on Saturday, August 8 recovered an 8-year-old girl that had been reported missing in Maryland when he responded to a complaint of an “emotionally disturbed person.” O’Kelley found the girl and her biological mother at the westbound rest area on Interstate 20 at approximately 7:30 p.m. According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, O’Kelley observed that the juvenile had on only pajamas and that there was no luggage in the vehicle. The child’s mother, Suna Conomacos, no age given, Laurel, MD., was “visibly upset,” the report states. “Several times she would begin screaming and crying in an outburst, throwing items such as car keys and the shoes from her feet and even to the point of screeching and throwing herself on the ground and clawing at the rough asphalt with her fingernails,” O’Kelley stated. Officials learned that the vehicle was registered to Conomacos father and when contact was made with Howard County Police Department, Maryland, officials, Morgan County officials were told that the juvenile was listed as a missing person and that Conomacos did not have custody or visitation rights with the child. Both mother and child were transported to Morgan Memorial Hospital for observation and, eventually, Conomacos was separated from the child while officials waited for the child’s grandfather to come to Morgan County to pick up the child. According to reports, the child’s grandfather and grandmother legally adopted the child in 2013 and told officials that Conomacos was “mentally unfit” to care for the child. The child was reunited with her adoptive parents on Sunday.

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