Prayer and fasting

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I read “The Power of Prayer and Fasting: God’s Gateway to Spiritual Breakthroughs” by Ronnie Floyd. It was a good read that challenged, convicted and encouraged me in my faith. I have chosen several quotes from the book here as a way to document the book’s influence in my life and to share it with you. Floyd’s book is an excellent read and resource for personal as well as corporate prayer and fasting. “God can do more in a moment than I could ever do in a lifetime.” (xiii) “God is speaking to you and me. / We need to hear His voice and obey His call. I believe He is calling us to trust Him.

Our God reigns and we must live like He does.” (xvii) “I do not believe prayer and fasting are hoops we jump through to get God to do something in our lives. I do believe prayer and fasting get us into a position to listen and respond to God in a special way.” (8) “God wants us to be conscious of His presence. [that’s why He provides us with moments of desperation – to push us toward Him.” (17) “There is nothing more deadly than pride in our lives and the only cure for pride is humility and brokenness.” (26) “Some things may be the worse for breaking, but a heart is never at its best until it is broken by the things that break the heart of God.” (29) “God honors everyone who stands in awe in His presence and serves Him with devotion and zeal.” (45) “You will be authentic in life if you are real before God. Genuine confession and repentance while in the holy presence of God will result in authenticity and transparency with everyone.” (58) “Genuine worship is an encounter with God that results in lifestyle change.” (64)

“Intimacy with God begins with long periods of quiet listening, only later to become a conversation where we ask Him, in His timing, to repair the terrible breaches in our relationships, to reveal our improper motives, to bring healing to our lives, to remove our spiteful spirits, to help us speak words of kindness, and to learn to express unutterable joy for the flash of fame that now blazes in our hearts for having been in His presence.” (67) “When we are willing just to obey the biblical call to prayer and fasting, we will receive a fresh set of eyes. We will begin to see much more that God wants to do with us and through us. Solitude, quiet, and being set apart from the distractions of this world are vital to hearing God speak.” (74)

“God does respond to a heart that desires more than anything to please Him.” (92) “There is also a practical side to surrendering fully to God: our burdens become His, not ours.” (104) Surrender is “the transfer of our bodies (all we are), our minds (how we think), our spirits (where God lives), our tongues (every word we utter), out attitudes (the way we respond to others), and our motives (the reality of who we are). All that God has given us we must transfer, give over, surrender to Him for His great purposes, and no longer keep them for our own.” (107) “My communication with God through prayer and fasting may not change my circumstances, but they will change my heart, enable me to see my situation from His perspective, grow my faith, and trust Him in all for all.” (126)

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