Thank you Lord for the blessing of rain

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Hasn’t the rain been refreshing this last week. Thank you Lord for the blessing of rain. We desperately needed it. On Sunday during the worship hour it was as if He rained down His blessings on us. I’m glad I’m involved in my church. Even at my “young” age I still want to do even more than I do, but you know, time has a way.

We had a good song service and the worship hour was good also. Luke 12:1-9 is where Butch chose to take his sermon. “Three Reasons Why you Should Fear God”, was his outline. Jesus knew His purpose was to die for sinners. Pride will send us to hell. Don’t miss out on being a Christian. Be careful around those that claim to be a Christian, but are not. You can usually tell just by how they speak. 1. He will reveal all your weakness…he keeps a record. 2. Because He has the power to cast all hypocrites to hell…FEAR HIM. 3. He knows every act you do. He is so mindful of us. He knows every hair on our head. He is mindful of every deed we do in the flesh. Saying all this, why don’t you come visit with us and see if you enjoy as much as I do. We do thank you Lord for our visitors.

On Sunday night we enjoyed a night of good singing and testifying down at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. James and I along with Betty Walker, Ruby and Eddie Stewart all represented our church. Alvis Richardson made us feel so welcome as we enjoyed the group Changed 4. Met a lot of new people, many we already knew. Had a great time of worship.   Brother Kenny Marr was also visiting. He ministers out of Watkinsville and is an evangelist.. There will be a benefit singing on August 29 beginning at 12 noon at Bethel Baptist Church in Union Point. If I understand right any gospel singer is welcome to sing.

Then beginning on September 27 there will be a tent revival at the Union Point Recreation Field with brother Marr preaching.  Oh yes, he will also be in revival at Buckhead Baptist on September 13. I think you will enjoy hearing this family man preach and he is truly a family man. He has 10 children and they are all dedicated to the Lord. I hope I’ve covered everything. Eleanor Johnson is home and has been suffering from recent surgery. I’m glad to hear that today, (Monday) she is feeling better. Still cannot eat much but we all need to pray for her. So many of our church family is having medical problems. God knows each of them, but I will ask that you pray also. Butch needs prayers as he’s had a bad time closing on his house and we hope he will finally be able to close on Tuesday. We are anxious to have him and his family in our church community.   Our Youth. I guess I have the right to brag. They are the best. They enjoy fun things, but when it comes to someone in need they are so anxious to help. They spent this last Saturday doing just that. God bless you kids always.

Again, I ask that you keep Bonnie Gardner in your prayers. Seems she has hurt her leg again and has to stay off her feet a few days. She tries so hard to keep her little farm up and running. But hate to know she has to miss days on her job. Revival begins tonight (Monday) at Faith Baptist with Rev. Wayne Ghann doing the service. We’re planning to go and hope to see you there. We all need to support each other in events like this. Ruby McCord is really showing off these days. Last Sunday she brought Wanitta’s  little boys with her, one being a baby. So cute.

This Sunday she couldn’t make a difference in her grands so she brought Robin’s little baby girl. What dolls they are. And I’m so anxious to get to meet my new little great grand son, hopefully very soon. Already he is growing so fast. I hear that Clarke Kesler is doing well after his colon surgery. I do not know who will be at Maysville this Thursday, but I’m sure it will be good at 6 p.m. Happy anniversary to Ginny and Danny Bell on September 1.

Special anniversary blessings to my grandchildren, Trae and Amber Holmes on August 29. Again I always ask that you pray for our sick and bereaved and for our nation and military.   We truly do not know what the future holds for us. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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