Learn to be forgiving

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Again, I’ll talk about the rain. On Sunday I think all around was almost to flooding stage. Part of the road washed at the canal at Mike Walker’s place but then after all the downpour that beautiful sun came out. That’s God working. In the church on Sunday we could hear the great sound of the rain beating down on the building amid the song service and the worship hour. Made me feel closer to him. Butch took his message from Luke 17, giving us virtues for discipleship. Love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. This is a familiar scripture. What does it mean to have fellowship with others? Be non offensive. Your sins separate you from God. Your sins will send offensive stumbling blocks. Temptations from false teachings. “Woe unto him that come”  Have you caused someone to stumble? Learn to be forgiving. Be real. The duty for all of us is to follow Jesus.  You can have it all – but be true to yourself.  God has many blessings in store for us. If we are real, we know what is good for us. Can you believe September is here? Where did our summer go? So many plans for this month, I hope I survive.

Two big reunions coming up for us plus other events. On Sunday night we enjoyed being with the good folks at Lone Oak Baptist and to  hear Gerald Sweatman in concert. He sang several of his new songs that are not yet recorded.   Talked to Jan Oakley today. She reminded me of their first of the month singing at the blue tent at 354 Upper Harmony Road. This Saturday September 5, the Southern Travelers will be singing. This is a gospel blue grass group from Athens. Starts at 6 p.m. Jan and Alan will be glad to see you.   We enjoyed being at Faith Baptist last week for their revival. I think this was the first revival in four or five years. Good singing every night, good preaching by Wayne Ghann.

Bonnie Gardner went up to Lawrenceville on Sunday to be with her grandchildren. We were so sorry to receive the news of one of our church family being hurt badly in an accident. Rebecca Jenkins spent time in the hospital for a concussion and other “hurts” to her body. She is home now but she sure needs our prayers. She was whammed from the rear, pushed into a stand of trees in the front. Special people in our lives.   Talking about prayers for Rebecca, let me share a few more with you. Charles Hamilton is in Emory Mid-Town awaiting open heart surgery on Tuesday. Eleanor Johnson is still recuperating from her recent surgery. Butch will appreciate your uplifting him with his voice problems. In fact, our whole church family will be happy for you to pray for all of us. Lou’s recent operation on his hand seems to be doing good. I heard he is able to pick his guitar a little now. What a blessing.

Also, remember Clarke Kesler. I think he is facing more surgery soon. As I mentioned earlier the rains were really bad in our area on Sunday. At what we call the three-way stop, Swords and Fraction Bottom Roads there was a large tree down across the road. Several volunteers went to work and got it out of the way for the cars to get through. Ethan Evans was one of those that so graciously volunteered. As I’ve said before, I’m proud of our youth. They are always so willing to help in any occasion. Way to go Ethan, you other  workers also. Thank you. I want to send my sympathy to my friend, Jimmy George in the recent death of his sister. Jimmy and I have sung a few times together and is close to my heart. Ladies, don’t forget our LIFT meeting Thursday night at 6:30. Happy anniversary to Frank and Edna Marshall on September 8. To my very own great grand son, Bailey, happy 11th birthday on the 6th.

From an old Guidepost: What we are hereafter depends upon what we are after here. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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