My phone was not in service this morning

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I will use last week’s news. It is hard to get news. My phone was not in service this morning so I had to get my news in the afternoon late. Watch for this notice! September 20 is high attendance day at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. Why not make every effort to be there. You will see some of your friends that you might not have seen in a while. Pacey Griffith broke her arm. She is nine years old. Pacey Griffith had a birthday on September 12. Benny Smith has a birthday on September 20. Here’s hoping that you both will have a happy birthday! Edna Smith spent Friday and Saturday with Norman and Denise Byers at Monticello. They went to Atlanta to an event. Edna said that it was a very enjoyable event. Pam Hendrix and sons, along with an exchange student from Hong Kong, ate supper with George and Laura Lohr. They celebrated George’s birthday on September 13. Happy belated birthday to you, George! Buddy and Jean Phillips went on vacation to Mackinate Island, Michigan. They saw the Great Lakes. On the way back they went to Jamestown, Kentucky and visited the Cunninghams. It was a great trip! Jay Moon is attending the University of North Georgia. Dennis and Julie Godbee had his family recently. On Labor Day they went to a friend’s house for a cookout.

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