My husband and I will be married for 62 years

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The congregation at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel was pleased with their high attendance Sunday, Sept. 20. They had 93 there. Their music director was out sick and none of his family came. People worked hard and prayed for the attendance. So many of you came for this Sunday. If you were there as a visitor why not go back for more visits and on down the road perhaps God will lead you as a member one day. I was told how the pastor and his wife are so loving to the congregation. That being the case you would be loved and welcomed for more visits. Annette Herndon sang and played the piano. Terry Hoptin was the speaker. I was told that it was a great day in the Lord! I was sorry to learn that Hallie Hickman was not feeling well. I hope that you feel well soon Hallie!

Edna Smith went to her church, the Seven Day Adventist on Saturday. They had a clothes give away. Ellie Massey who is three and a half years old is to have her tonsils removed Thursday. I hope that you do well Ellie! McKayla Alliston, 17, is a junior at MCHS. She is into rodeo events. She went with the high school rodeo team to Cartersville. She did not place that time but she is very good and will win many more times in the future.

My husband, Macon Moore and I, will be married for 62 years on Thursday, Sept. 24. My birthday is on Friday, Sept. 25. In a way as I look back it doesn’t seem to be that long. But when I look at the number of years I know that is true. We have two good daughters, Beverly and Linda. God blessed us with them. It is a thrill to my heart as I see them individually. They do well in their careers. Beverly is national certified counselor. Linda is into computers. I am proud of them in their careers. I have watched the refuges on television. They left all that they owned in order to not meet up with ISIS. All that they own is on their backs. It’s all that they can carry. There are small children. Even one lady had her baby or babies on the road. I have thought about the fact if they have water to drink. I know that I would be so thirsty. I drink a lot of water with the dry mouth that I have. I think about them when I am running water from the faucet. I cut the water back a little to save. I don’t run as big a stream of water as I used to do. This is not helping them but my conscience reminds me that they might need water, plus I am saving, as we don’t have a water bill with the well. I am so thankful for the water that we have.

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