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There doesn’t seem to be too much news going on these days; probably the old saying is holding true….”No news is good news!”  We are having some Indian summer weather these days it seems with it being warmer than it was.  If our fog and frost predictions hold true we are in for an early winter.  Time will tell! I was a bit jealous of my sister and her husband this past weekend as they went to see Loretta Lynn in concert in Nashville.  This was on her bucket list!  I know it was good!

I have got to tell this story about us going up to see them when they lived in Watertown, Tenn. and all of our children were fairly young; I do remember that Jennifer was just a baby.  We don’t get away much and so we wanted to go see a country music show or something.  Leon said that there was a Red Speeks country music show in Clinton, Tenn., so on that Saturday night we planned to go.  Leon offered to stay home and keep Jennifer and Shepherd so the rest of us could go. It’s a good thing he wasn’t with us or he probably would have left Bertie and me to get our own ride home!  He would have been so embarrassed that I know he would have disowned us!   I really believe he planned it that way.

Well, we went and I bet there wasn’t a dozen people in the whole building!   I think poor Red Speeks had seen his better days.  He and his band started playing and lo and behold it was broadcast on a radio station.  When Bertie and I get together and things start going a little “awry”, it doesn’t take much to start us laughing and well, things go downhill fast from then on.  Trust me!  Not long after the playing started, Red, himself, wanted us to tell him where we were from, so he could announce it on the radio.  I guess he really wanted to tell his “audience” that he did have someone in the audience!  Of course, Bertie and I got tickled about that and then, horror of horrors,……all of a sudden this woman got up out of her seat and sashayed right down in front of the stage and started dancing by herself.  To top it off, she had a long cigarette hanging out of the side of her mouth and every once in a while she would take a long, long drag from it and hold it out and let a long curl of smoke just go up and circle around her head….all the time she was still just a dancing away!  I guess you would call this poor woman a “groupie” today!!!  She was a devoted fan, that’s for sure.  Well, when that happened, Bertie and I were just beside ourselves; I mean we were nearly falling out of our seats doubling over; it was all we could do not to howl with laughter.  Do you know how hard it is to try to hold all of that in??!!  I know when poor Red Speeks looked out in the pitiful crowd and saw us nearly having convulsions that he wondered what in the world was so funny!  I’m about to die right now just remembering this!!  I think Leon probably saw the “writing on the wall”, if you will, and he was not about to be a part of that fiasco.  I am sure such shenanigans were not a part of the Loretta Lynn concert!

I am glad to report that Wayne Christian is still doing really good; his liver function numbers are almost at a normal level; he may even be home by the time you read this!  Praise the Lord!  Many of you remember Mr. and Mrs. J.K. West when they lived here.  Mr. West was the Morgan County Extension agent for many years.  We have learned that their son, Jesse West, Jr. passed away last week at his home in Jacksonville, Alabama.  He had been in rather bad health for several years. He was 73 years of age.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and sisters and their families at this time.

The Bonner family had a big week with some celebrations going on in their family.  On Tuesday night, Hattie Bonner’s family honored her with a birthday celebration dinner at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant here in Madison.  Mrs. Hattie turned 89 years old.  Happy, Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hattie!  On Sunday afternoon, a lovely tea party and shower was held at Bonner’s Restaurant in Buckhead for the fiance’ of Ryan Saye, the son of Timmy and Penny Saye, of Buckhead, to Emily Wallace of Athens.  Her bridesmaids and friends were the hostesses.  The rustic restaurant was transformed to an elegant tea party setting with white tablecloths and flower arrangements.  The guests were asked to wear their beautiful hats and their pearls!  Delicious refreshments of cheese trays and crackers, little tea sandwiches nuts, and a delicious assortment of cake….Carrot, Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

Emily and Ryan received many beautiful and useful gifts for their new home.  Congratulations to this young couple as their October wedding date approaches!  The Fairview Club had their first meeting of their new year this past Wednesday as we met at the lovely home of Maxine Bruce on the Eatonton Highway.   Our program was Janice Dodd of Rutledge who gave a wonderful program on caning chairs.  She had several examples of chairs that she has done or is working on to demonstrate how to put a new caned bottom in them.  She is very talented and it was a very informative program.  We appreciate her coming to us!  After the program we all enjoyed chicken enchiladas with all the toppings, along with tortilla chips and then a wonderful dessert of homemade Key Lime Pie!  it was delicious!

Esther Curry has just returned from a wonderful trip to Italy to visit her twin sister, Effie Powell, Rose, and Doug.  She said she had a wonderful time!  Effie is a wonderful hostess and is quite the tour guide!  Zach Wilson visited with Blanche and Jake Wilson on last Thursday afternoon as he was in the area for his work.

Connie and Paul Shumate’s grandchildren are busy with their extracurricular activities now that school is in full swing.  Brooklyn and Brayden are back with their swimming lessons up here at the Aquatic Center.  Brynlee and Brayden had their first soccer games of the season on Saturday.  Bryson is busy practicing with the band and being a part of their performances.  It keeps parents and grandparents busy!  Chuck and Janice Philippi along with Jenna and Cooper Philippi spent an enjoyable weekend at the beach in Destin, Florida.  You will want to mark your calendars for the upcoming annual Godfrey BBQ that will be held on November 14th from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  This year they will also have a limited number of smoked Boston Butts that will be available for you to buy.  You need to let Esther Curry or some other Godfrey person know if you want to be in line for that!

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