Not much going on this week of interest

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I know most of you are enjoying this little change in our weather pattern. And it does feel good. James is so cold natured since his open heart surgery that he’s even turned on the heat a couple of times. I’m not ready for that yet. A good day on Sunday with a good crowd and visitors. “Ten words to describe God.” Butch’s message taken from Exodux 20: 3-17. Yes, what could be more powerful than to study the Ten Commandments? Don’t miss out on the mercies of God. He spoke to Moses directly. Are we afraid of offending God? 1. Be an example to other nations. 2. Proclaim the truth. 3. Pray for the lost, lift them up. 4. We are to preserve the Word of God. And live it out loud. Then he went on to make special points of interest about the Ten Commandments. Telling us that He is a faithful God. After the morning service we all gathered in the Fellowship Hall for our monthly benefit lunch. All the food was delicious and fulfilling with the proceeds going to the Building Fund. The next benefit lunch will be for the Youth Fund and will be October 11.

Thank you Morgan County Citizen for the nice write up in last week’s paper about our church. I would like to make one correction. I am not the Church Treasurer, just the treasurer of the Building Fund. Don’t want Ramsey Simmons thinking that I want his job. Continue to pray for Rebecca Jenkins. She is slowly improving but will be a long process. Just got word today that Jeff Hamilton has been taken to the hospital with a heart attack. Former member Lorri Stacy is due to have surgery today, (Monday), O. L. Jordan needs our prayers, he falls easily. Lou and Jessie Comans always desire our prayers. Patsy Greene and Betty Walker are struggling with theirCOPD. So many, and you are all remembered. The “Moon Girl Cousins”  got together on Friday and enjoyed our meal at Captain D’s.

Jane does a great job in decorating our little corner. This time with a fall theme. We surely missed those that were sick, had to work or was out of town. This Saturday will be my annual Snellville High School reunion. I’ve had a great response and so look forward to being with this good bunch of “kids.” There were about 10 ladies that met and enjoy a meal and the last of the study of Jonah on Saturday. I was not able to attend and I know I missed something special with Ginny in charge.   For those of you that like the “old” country music, one of my favorites is going to be at the Gwinnett County Fair this week. Billie Joe Royal will be in concert on Thursday night at 7:30. Address, 2405 Sugarloaf Parkway. Parking is free and the admission is only $2.00 for Senior Citizens. I would love to go and have him autograph a picture of me with him taken several years ago. Happy birthday to Ramsey Simmons on the 27th, Vicky Vanwhy and Becky Simmons the 28th. Anniversary blessings for Billie Jo and Tim Arnold on the 29th. Not much going on this week of interest, so I’ll say again, So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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