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By Tia Lynn Ivey Managing Editor

Morgan County High School (MCHS) got a glimpse into the working world last Wednesday during mini job fair and ‘Dress for Success’ day on campus.

“This is Morgan County High School’s first ever Dress for Success campaign. We were excited to educate students on the importance of this essential soft skill, through a variety of different marketing outlets including the morning news, social media, and faculty promotion,” said Heather Fuller, a career pathway coordinator at MCHS. “Students were taught the essentials of professional dress and the necessity to make a good first impression in any situation. We asked every student to come to school in professional dress attire to showcase their knowledge. As we prepare our students, faculty, and staff to adopt the whole school model of a college and career academy, we will continue to foster a culture that showcases that we, Morgan County High School, are college and career ready”.

“This is the first of hopefully lots of opportunities we’ll provide for students to learn some things that they might not otherwise learn in school,” said MCHS Principal Jim Malanowski. “It’s not just ‘what you know’, it’s who you are and what you do that makes a lasting impression on people.”

Three companies, McDonalds, FarmView Market, and Waffle House set up shop during MCHS’ lunch periods to introduce students to employment opportunities. In conjunction with the job fair, MCHS staff encouraged students to “dress for success,” to instill the soft skills usually necessary to obtain a job. “I’m excited that we have the opportunity to help our students understand the importance of how they present themselves in situations like this,” said Malanowski. Students were encouraged by the exercise, reporting that dressing the part of a professional made them feel more confident in their abilities and possibilities for future careers. “It’s important to present myself as a professional,” said Jay Veasley, 16. “You always want to look nice for an interview of anything that can bring a good change to your life.” “I dressed for success today because I heard that the new College and Career Academy is coming soon and I am very excited to be a part of that. I figured this would be a good first step into that,” said Autumn Woodard, 16. In addition to exposing students to a mini job fair and issuing the challenge to dress for success, MCHS is aiding students by providing professional wardrobes to those in financial need. “Other initiatives that center around professional dress is the creation and promotion of a Career Readiness Clothes Closet,” explained Fuller.

“Teachers, Faculty, and Staff from every Morgan County School were asked to consider donating any slightly used or new professional dress items to our clothes closet campaign. The purpose behind it is for students with financial troubles to have somewhere to go to access professional dress attire for any instance such as a job interview, school competition, or assigned professional dress day.” The mini job fair and Dress for Success Day is part of a larger ongoing effort to prepare students for future college educations and longlasting careers. “We are moving full steam ahead with our College and Career Academy initiative and tomorrow’s mini job fair and school wide dress for success day show the blending of cultures and our continued dedication to helping students become college and career ready,” said Heather Fuller, a career pathway coordinator at MCHS.

“We asked every student, faculty, and staff with Morgan County High School to come to school dressed for success. I think it is a great promotional opportunity for the Morgan County School system.”

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