Not too bad for a Lord’s day

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It’s raining again. Thank you Lord, we’ve enjoy the showers so much but now we are all ready to see a little sunshine and God bless all those that have had very severe weather and flooding. Not too bad for a Lord’s day on Sunday. A good day to stay in and nap. In fact we’ve had a lot of those lately. Missed writing last week. Did not have much news so I’ll try to make up for it this week. Not too much going on with the weather being as it’s been. Last Sunday Butch gave us a good sermon from Revelation 20 and about the existence of hell but I won’t write about that today. Yesterday, (Sunday) he again took his message from Revelation 4:1-3, telling us about the magnificent Savior that is mine. Revelation says “I am victorious.”

Everything is going to be victorious if we seek God.  He is in control.  We need to praise God for His divine nature. He has all the answers. We see God’s power and glory, and our Lord is beyond words. We cannot even imagine how it would be without Him. A reminder that this coming up Sunday we will again have our after worship lunch to benefit our youth for $5. I hear it’s barbecue and all the fixins’. Also remember on Wednesday we are studying Romans at 7 p.m. We have room for you. Thank you Lord for our visitors. I pray more and more will seek out a place to worship. In this day and time, what will the future hold.

Even in all the rain and storms Ramsey and Becky Simmons enjoyed a birthday get-a-way to Myrtle Beach last week. From what I hear that ate and tested a lot of good restaurants. I know you both enjoyed your birthdays. Sympathy is sent to the family of Hank Lowe in his recent passing. Hank was Reubin Morrow’s brother in law.  Theresa Moore visited me today for several hours and we enjoyed catching up before she returns home to Pennsylvania this week.   Jimmy and Gayle also visited with us on Sunday afternoon. Always enjoy when my kids get to visit. We are all planning for our family Thanksgiving and even talking about Christmas already. This time is so special in my life. And life is swiftly catching up with me. I love and enjoy my family so much and always look forward to this time of year.   Last Saturday of September was a big day for all of us that graduated from Snellville High School, Class of 1955.

We celebrated 60 years with 21 of our classmates with us. We’ve only lost 8 out of 32 class members. We enjoyed a grand time at the Summit Chase Country Club in Snellville. What joy to see all these brothers and sisters in love. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve always been a close class and with a lot of love between all of us. Now we are planning an outing to the lake house of Bobby and Marlon Williams at Hartwell in the near future. So rain, let us plan this. So good to see Martha and Bennie Dooley back yesterday. Hopefully they are about ready to be finished with their move and they’ve moved closer to the church. This Thursday night Archie Watkins will be up at Maysville Methodist Church. With Clarke Kesler and friends. I sure wish it was a little closer to us.

Please, if you have word or any gospel sings, will you let me know so I can post it. Always interested in this. Thank you Sandie for this information. Ruby and Eddie Stewart planned a camping trip for last weekend and yes, they went on this camping trip which was supposed to be a joyful mini vacation. I think Ruby said they cooked out once, rest of the week end they “enjoyed” the inside of the camper. I’m so sorry that these things happen. Hoping for a better time next time.   It was great to see Caleb and Sarah Bell for just a few moments on Sunday. I heard he sung at Fusion on Sunday night. Wish someone had told me. Please remember to keep our long growing prayer list in YOUR prayers. Always pray for Lou and Jessie,  Rebecca Jenkins is feeling better but still has a long way to go, for their daughter Christy Barbaree, O. L., Betty, Patsy, Butch and family, and our dear friend Ralph Baker is having surgery this Wednesday, our own Sandy Martin will be having surgery soon.

OH!!!!! And for those interested Gene Watson is going to be in concert at Hiawassee on October 24. Wish I could go. Belated birthday wishes for Kim Johnson and Kaylee Stewart on October 1st. To Harleigh Wilson the 5th (today), also to our friend Ray Thompson who is celebrating today. Can you tell that I love the Guideposts magazine?  “To sing from the heart and to sing from the soul is like catching a glimpse of heaven here below.” So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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